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Text to Image by Photoleap

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Converts text to editable images.
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Photoleap is a powerful and creative photo editing app developed by Lightricks. It can be used on iPhones to transform photos and create amazing creations.

It offers an all-in-one solution with tools such as cutouts, background and object removals, a library of assets like stickers, filters, effects, and fonts, and AI-generated images and animations.

It also includes Motionleap capabilities, pro-level editing tools, quick filters, and more. With Photoleap, users have the flexibility to create photos, GIFs, and videos with ease and precision.

It also offers a 7-day free trial, so users can give it a try before committing to a purchase.


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Feb 22, 2024
7 day free trial and then, its not free
Jun 6, 2023
Photo caption

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Pros and Cons


Converts text to image
Editable image creations
Background and object removal
Library of assets included
Incorporates Motionleap capabilities
Pro-level editing tools
Quick filter application
Creation of photos, GIFs, videos
Offers 7-day free trial
Designed for iPhone
Options for animations
Inbuilt sketch to image feature
Single app multiple tools
Double exposure editing
One-tap effects with QuickArt
High user ratings
Great for social media use
Easy for beginners
Quality results
Intuitive interface


iOS only
No Android version
Limited 7-day free trial
Requires in-app purchases
No desktop version
No direct social media sharing
No multiple device compatibility
Missing advanced features
Limited asset library


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