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Create any image simply from your text input!
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ImgCreator.AI is a sophisticated tool that utilizes AI to generate images from textual prompts. It supports a broad range of functions, including text to image transformation and AI photo generation.

Equipped with over 100 text to image models, the tool offers versatility for various creative needs. Additionally, it integrates a controlNet and an array of other features to enhance the results.The system allows users to try different functions like creating AI portraits, exploring latest models, and starting with a prompt from their inspirational examples gallery.

Users can also experience recommended models and get creative inspiration. Some of the tool's capabilities are generating images from abstract concepts, creating detailed and realistic images, and manipulating background and lighting effects to produce a specific mood or atmosphere.This tool proves invaluable for creative professionals, hobbyists, and industries requiring high-quality, custom visual content.

It simplifies the image creation process, requiring less user input and time, and results in premium, high-resolution images. From generating landscapes, character portraits, to intricate scenery, all can be accomplished using specific prompts.Furthermore, the tool includes an AI Image Editor where AI is used to remove background, execute sophisticated photo alterations, and more.

It also caters to users who wish to obtain AI PFPs (Profile Pictures) from their photos.Lastly, the Community and Resource sections provide platforms for user interaction and assistance, making the entire operation user-friendly and accessible.

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Pros and Cons


Free usage with limitations
Paid subscription for higher resolution
Full user rights to generated images
Commercial usage rights
Generating illustrations/anime
Suitable for concept designs
Edits photos through text
Image alterations like hairstyle/accessories change
Text-to-image conversion
Realistic photography generation
Photorelease for blogs/social media/marketing
Text-based Photoshop capabilities
High resolution for paid subscriptions
Suitable for design inspirations
Generation of photorealistic images
Creation of artistic illustrations
Possibility for inpainting/outpainting art
Supports images for PowerPoint presentations, posters, websites, books
Ability to generate modern/futuristic interior designs
Generates images of structures/architecture


Limited free usage
Low resolution for free version
No customization options
Limited to text inputs
Lacks advanced editing features
Limited to four image options
Poor handling of intricate details
No batch processing
No API for integration
Subscription for higher resolution


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What copyright license does images generated by IMGCreator.AI come with?
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Can IMGCreator.AI create any image I imagine?
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What does the output resolution for free users and subscription users mean?
Can I sell the images I make with IMGCreator.AI?
What is the pricing for more images in IMGCreator.AI?
How can I get pro credits for IMGCreator.AI?
What are the community features of IMGCreator.AI?
What is the latest model update in IMGCreator.AI?
How to edit erased part of the image in IMGCreator.AI?
How can I sign up or log in to IMGCreator.AI?

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