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Generation of Pokemon characters from text prompts.
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Lambdal/text-to-pokemon is an AI tool that enables users to generate Pokémon characters based on a text description. The model is trained using the BLIP captioned Pokémon images dataset, and is powered by Lambda Diffusers and the Lambda GPU Cloud.

It takes the input of a text prompt and generates a corresponding image. The model was trained by Justin Pinkney at Lambda Labs and typically completes within 19 seconds.

Users can use this tool to generate Pokémon characters with no “prompt engineering” required, and can access the model weights in Diffusers format, the original model weights, and the training code on the website.

Text-to-pokemon was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 24th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates images from text
Specialized in Pokémon characters
Uses Lambda Diffusers
Leverages high-tech Lambda GPUs
Complete operation in 19s
No prompt engineering requirement
Platform for model weights access
Public API accessible
Multiple outputs options
Denoising steps adjustment
Guidance scale control
Option for random seed
Share functionality embedded
Download the result
Report wrong prediction available
Runs on Nvidia T4 GPU
Example cases available online
Fine-tuned model for font
Economical cost of prediction
Strong technical support Links
Training code accessible
Open-source project
Active community on GitHub
Twitter support available
Instructions in Docs provided


19 seconds generation time
Limited to Pokemon style
Specific to text prompts
No real-time adjustments
Requires specific input parameters
Completely random seeding
Depends on Lambda GPU Cloud
Limited outputs per prompt
Fixed denoising steps limit
Only trained on BLIP data


What is Lambdal/text-to-pokemon?
How does Lambdal/text-to-pokemon generate Pokémon images from text prompts?
What technology powers Lambdal/text-to-pokemon?
Who developed the Lambdal/text-to-pokemon model?
How long does it take to generate an image using Lambdal/text-to-pokemon?
Is there a need for 'prompt engineering' in Lambdal/text-to-pokemon?
Where can I find the model weights for Lambdal/text-to-pokemon?
How many runs has Lambdal/text-to-pokemon had to date?
What are the input parameters for Lambdal/text-to-pokemon?
What does the 'num_outputs' parameter in Lambdal/text-to-pokemon mean?
How does the 'guidance_scale' parameter affect the output of Lambdal/text-to-pokemon?
What happens if I leave the 'seed' parameter blank in Lambdal/text-to-pokemon?
What type of GPU hardware does Lambdal/text-to-pokemon run on?
Is there a significant variation in prediction time based on the inputs for Lambdal/text-to-pokemon?
Can I use the API to run Lambdal/text-to-pokemon?
Where can I find examples of Pokémon character images generated by Lambdal/text-to-pokemon?
How does the 'num_inference_steps' affect the output of Lambdal/text-to-pokemon?
How to report an issue with Lambdal/text-to-pokemon?
Can I download the images generated by Lambdal/text-to-pokemon?
Where can I access the training code for Lambdal/text-to-pokemon?
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