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Text to Speech.im is an online tool designed to convert text to speech. It uses advanced AI technology to generate natural-sounding voices, making it ideal for creating engaging audio content.

The tool supports a wide range of languages, allowing it to be used globally. Different voice options including male, female, and child voices from different regions around the world are available for customization.

These voices can be selected based on user preference to enhance the listening experience. Notably, these voices incorporate multi-emotion versions, providing a more dynamic and lifelike audio result.

The tool also allows seamless downloading of the generated speech for high-quality audio output. Whether for personal, educational, or professional needs, the Text to Speech.im tool is well-suited for transforming written text into speech.


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Jul 1, 2024
Currently, the website provides free text-to-speech (TTS) with emotions without requiring registration. You can generate 50,000 characters using generic Microsoft voices which are available also within any ReadAloud/Read out Loud apps. However, these voices lack emotion, but you can generate 5,000 characters with emotion per generation for free. Firstly, you have to select a voice, preview it, and then select it - paste your text or write it down and after a few minutes, you can listen and download it for free. However, the website's reviews are likely fake, suggesting that this free service might not last long.

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Pros and Cons


Supports multi-language
Natural-sounding voices
Wide language range
Gender-specific voice options
Child voice options
Multi-emotion voices
Audio download feature
Support for different regions
Voices with different accents
Characters limit per voice
Speed adjustment feature
Volume control
Playback feature
Global usage
Long text support
High-quality audio output
Ease of use
Variety of speech styles
Customization capabilities
Easy integration
Support across devices
Offline use supported
High accuracy speech synthesis
Efficient text conversion
Seamless user experience
Iphone text-to-speech support
Versatile for many purposes
Professional and engaging voices
Clear and precise output
Dynamic and lifelike audio
Helpful for visual impairments
Online free tool
Effortless content creation
Reading disabilities friendly
User preference voice selection
Convenient MP3 download
Accurate speech synthesis
High compatibility
Flexible usage
Content accessibility
Saves hiring voice actors
Enhances user engagement
Great for educational content
Compatible with TikTok
Ideal for social media
Revolutionizes ad campaigns
Helpful for YouTube content creators
Convenient for audiobook authors
Major tool for educators
Supports cross-device use
Text length handling
Support for long text


Character limits on voices
Voice options complexity
No API mentioned
No multi-device syncing
Lack of offline use
Unclear upgrade options
No technical support mentioned
No collaborative features
Limited child voice options
Inconsistent multi-emotion versions' availability


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