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Writing analysis and improvement.
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The Plain English Text Analyzer Tool from is a powerful AI tool designed to help improve your writing. It examines text for clarity and conciseness, identifying areas that need to be improved.

The tool can detect too-long sentences, passive voice, complex words, filler and vague words, formatting errors, synonyms, grammar and spelling errors, and keyword density.

It also offers a Readability Score and an AI Assistant which can help with grammar and spelling, create headlines and summaries, rewrite text in plain English, analyze sentiment, and even write drafts and complete sections of your text.

The AI is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology and is a great way to help overcome writer's block. The tool also includes tips to improve your writing and adheres to the principles of plain language, which is designed to reach a broad audience and make it easier for readers to understand the text.


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Pros and Cons


Detects too-long sentences
Identifies passive voice
Suggests synonyms for complex words
Highlights filler and vague words
Corrects formatting errors
Checks grammar and spelling
Analyzes keyword density
Generates Readability Score
Creates headlines and summaries
Rewrites text in plain English
Performs sentiment analysis
Drafts and completes texts
Overcomes writer's block
Follows principles of plain language
Provides tips to improve writing
Adheres to the principles of plain language
Powered by GPT-3 technology
Plain language conversion
Statistics provision
Customer briefing flexibility
Helps prevent misinterpretation and confusion
Heightens reader's attention
Effective global audience outreach
Well-suited for non-native speakers


No offline use
No mobile app
Limited language support
No collaborative features
Dependent on internet connectivity
No API for integration
No direct file import
Interface not customizable
Not suited for large texts
No multi-platform support


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