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Your virtual co-pilot for smarter text input in the browser.
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TextGPT, produced by OpenAI, functions as a smart text input browser extension, designed to advance your text editing experience within your preferred web applications and text editors.

This AI tool assists in creating various forms of text content, ranging from job applications and resumes to social media posts on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, thus improving your overall digital communication effectiveness.

Installation requires adding the extension from the Chrome Web Store and the generation of an OpenAI API Key, which can be entered within the extension settings.

The extension can be invoked by a customizable keyword that makes it context-aware and capable of generating relevant, helpful text suggestions to enrich your writing.

TextGPT interoperates smoothly with your OpenAI API key to unlock the tool's full potential within the Chrome browser. Its user-friendly settings and options can be customized according to user preference, with options being savable and synchronizable across devices.

Benefits of using TextGPT include enhanced productivity and communication, higher content quality, and potential time savings.


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Pros and Cons


Browser extension
Text advancement capabilities
Improves writing and communication
Helps craft job applications
Generates cover letters and resumes
Assists in social media posts
Chrome extension
Intelligent text suggestions
Customizable activation
User-friendly settings
Automatic key generation
Saves and syncs settings
Increases productivity
Time saving
Continuous improvement feedback
User-based triggering
Supports diverse text formats
Tailored keyword invocation
Syncs across multiple devices
Helps in digital communication
Enhances content quality
Customizable user preference
One-click API key generation
Aids Twitter growth
Boosts LinkedIn professionalism
Hassle-free setup
Intuitive preferences customization


Only for Chrome browser
Context dependent on keyword
Not useful for non-English
No offline functionality
No demonstration videos available
No information about privacy
API key setup necessary
Extension's behavior customization required
Cross-device synchronization issues possible


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Can TextGPT's settings be customized based on user preference?
Where can I give feedback on TextGPT?

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