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Enhanced editing for professional communication.
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TextGPT is a browser extension powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT that enhances your text editing experience by providing advanced AI capabilities within web applications and text editors.

With TextGPT, you can improve your writing, communication, and productivity. The tool can assist in various scenarios, such as crafting winning job applications, generating tailored cover letters and resumes, writing engaging and informative tweets to grow your following on Twitter, and composing professional and polished LinkedIn posts to make a positive impression on potential employers and clients.To get started, users need to install the Chrome extension and generate an OpenAI API key, which can be seamlessly integrated with TextGPT for full functionality.

Once activated, TextGPT generates intelligent and context-aware text suggestions based on the keyword you type, allowing you to improve your writing effortlessly.The tool offers customizable activation, enabling users to choose a unique keyword that triggers the AI assistance.

It also provides user-friendly settings and options to customize its behavior and preferences. Additionally, TextGPT supports automatic key generation, hassle-free setup, and the ability to save and sync extension settings across devices using Chrome's storage.TextGPT aims to increase productivity by up to 50% and help users create better content, enhance communication skills, and save time.

Users are encouraged to provide feedback and report any bugs for continuous improvement of the tool.


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Pros and Cons


Browser extension
Powered by ChatGPT
Enhances text editing experience
Supports various writing scenarios
Assists in job applications
Generates tailored cover letters
Helps in writing engaging tweets
Composes professional LinkedIn posts
Automatic key generation
User-friendly settings
Customizable behavior and preferences
Supports saving and sync settings
Customizable activation
Intelligent, context-aware text suggestions
Increases productivity by up to 50%
Helps create better content
Enhances communication skills
Saves time
User feedback encouraged
Continuous tool improvement
Hassle-free setup


Limited to Chrome browser
No mobile application
No offline functionality
Not available for other browsers
No bulk text processing
Requires installation of browser extension
Customizable options may be confusing


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