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Transform text into p5.js code with GPT.
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Text-GPT-p5 is an innovative tool that enables the conversion of text into p5.js code using Generative Pretraining Transformer (GPT), an advanced language prediction model.

It serves as a generative editor, leveraging the capabilities of GPT-3.5 to turn text prompts into p5.js code, a popular library for creative coding in JavaScript.

The editor features a range of predefined example prompts such as Conway's Game of Life, 2D flocking animation, 3D forms panning, Radial lines on click, Gravity balls on click, Bouncing balls on click, Color noise static, and Zen ripples.

After processing the prompts, the generated p5.js code can be rendered on the attached canvas, thereby creating a visual representation of the text. As an open-source project, Text-GPT-p5 invites sponsorship and contributions from its users, and is even considering becoming a paid service.

Designed and developed by Matte Lim, this tool sparks creativity in programming through its unique text to code translation and is accessible via GitHub.


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Textgptp5 was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Transforms text to visualization
Generates p5.js code
Downloadable resulting code
Usable by all proficiency levels
Creativity stimulation
Integrated in GitHub
Based on GPT-3.5
Various example prompts
Generates unique visual representations
Embeds Generative Pretrained Transformer
Potential for paid service
Easy to learn tool
Integrated text prompts
Facilitates JavaScript coding
Inspirational generative editor
Sponsorship invited
Developer support available
Fast and efficient coding
Creative coding capabilities
Generates 2D and 3D animations
Supports interactive code elements
Short learning curve
Strong community contribution
Good for quick prototyping
Code translation capabilities
Visual result preview
Generates gravity ball animations
Single-click operation
Prompts are customizable
Multifaceted creative application
Developed by dedicated professional
User-friendly Interface
Makes learning p5.js easier
Text prompts into art
Saves time on coding
Advances prototyping process
Limited limitation on usage
Potential future service upgrades
Built-in text processing
Predesigned animation templates
Creatively themed examples
Diverse output representations
Comes with Quick tips
Accessible online on Github
Community-driven development
Options for sponsorship


Limited daily tries
Potential transition to paid
No API available
Dependent on GPT-3.5
Limited predefined example prompts
Manual text prompt entry
No concurrent sketches running
No inbuilt canvas renderer
Requires Javascript knowledge for modifications
Sole developer - Matte Lim


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