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Multilingual, multipurpose text completion solution.
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Playground TextSynth is an AI tool that utilizes large language models to complete text. This tool has several available models, such as GPT-J, a 6billion parameter English model, Boris, a fine-tuned version of GPT-J for the French language, GPT-NeoX, the largest model with 20 billion parameters, and CodeGen-6B-monotop-k.

Users can type in a text and the neural network will generate a randomly chosen completion. The parameters of the model can be adjusted, such as the temperature and number of maximum tokens.

The tool comes with examples pre-loaded, such as Unicorns that speak English, Question-Answer, Cprogram, Cooking instructions, Linux, Game of Thrones, HTML, The election and Area 51.

In addition, users can select a letter of motivation or article idea as an example.


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TextSynth was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 2nd 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Multilingual capabilities
Multiple language models
Large parameter models
Fine-tuned models
Adjustable model parameters
Pre-loaded example texts
Wide range of topics
Generates random completions
Versatility in completion tasks
Supports multiple languages
Suitable for coding tasks
User-friendly interface
Flexible stop conditions
Handy for content authors
Effective for translation tasks
Potent for adaptive tasks
Supports several billion parameters
Easily switch between models
Quick text generation
Great for generating ideas
English and French capabilities
Resources for learning and support
Practical for question answering
Good for generating instructions
Wide range of applications
Applicable to linguistics tasks
Valuable for tech tasks
Helpful for text-editing purposes
Useful for creative writing
Efficient for various industries
Functional for text-to-image tasks
Beneficial for programming tasks
Available documentation
Pricing details available
SignUp and Login options
Predetermined text examples
Cool for generating dialogues
Awesome for brainstorming sessions
Efficient text completion
Practical for students
Useful for teachers
Helpful for content creators
Good for technical tasks
Rapid text processing
Applicable to copywriting tasks
Generates diverse text outcomes


Limited language models
Results dependent on randomness
No real-time adjustments
Too much model complexity
User interface is simplistic
Lack of user customizability
No advanced security features
Limits on max tokens
No option for manual completion
No multi-user collaboration option


What is TextSynth?
How does TextSynth utilize large language models to complete text?
What are the different models available in TextSynth?
What is GPT-J and how does it work in TextSynth?
What is the unique feature of the Boris model in TextSynth?
Can TextSynth generate in languages other than English?
How can I adjust the parameters of the model in TextSynth?
What does 'temperature' refer to in the TextSynth context?
What is the maximum number of tokens TextSynth can handle?
What are the pre-loaded examples available in TextSynth?
How can I use TextSynth to generate a letter of motivation?
How does TextSynth handle text to image tasks?
What is GPT-NeoX and how does it differ from the other models in TextSynth?
Can I generate computer language codes using TextSynth?
How does TextSynth handle translation tasks?
Does TextSynth provide any documentation or user guide?
What is the pricing for using TextSynth?
Is there a sign-up process for using TextSynth?
How to log in to the TextSynth platform?
Why are there different types of models in TextSynth, like GPT-J, Boris, and GPT-NeoX?


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