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Converts text to audio.
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Text to Music is an AI tool that allows users to generate audio by providing written prompts or descriptions. The tool was created by @markdoppler and requires users to create an account and confirm their email before use.

Users can choose to make their creations public or private and can generate drum and audio tracks using various prompts such as happy acid techno, traditional Japanese instrumental hip-hop, and late Radiohead-style song.

Additionally, the tool offers a "Drum Generator" feature that uses prompts such as Gujarati Bhajan, Deathcore blast beat, and Hip Hop-themed Avengers song to create drum tracks.

Users can also input text descriptions such as "simplistic vision, indie background track 3 chords gloomy" to generate mainstream audio output with a specific mood.

The tool's AI technology reportedly generates unique audio options for each prompt, providing a variety of possibilities for users to choose from. The platform is suitable for users with no or limited music production experience as it simplifies the audio creation process without requiring technical skills or knowledge in music theory.

Overall, Text to Music is an excellent platform for individuals seeking to combine their creative writing ability with music production to generate unique audio files.


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Jul 8, 2023
Another digital opportunist who wants your money!

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Pros and Cons


Generates audio from text
User account customization
Public or private publishing
Multiple genre options
Drum Generator feature
Various prompt support
Generate mainstream audio
Offers specific mood setting
Unique audio per prompt
No technical skills required
No music production experience needed
Creative writing meets music production
Login with email functionality
Numerous mood settings
Extensive genre coverage
Efficient musical text editor
Allows language-specific prompts
Track generation from descriptions
Audio option variety
Adaptive to user's creativity
Wide range of prompts
Experiment with different styles
Expand creative limits
Hassle free music composition
Foreground and background music capability
Context respective genre creation
Tailored musical experience
Facilitates audio branding
Novelty through unique combinations
Fosters collaborative work
Facilitates creative freedom
User-friendly interface
Useful in various contexts
Explores cultural soundscapes
Effective for music education
Promotes cross-genre composition
Effective for sampling


Requires email confirmation
No offline functionality
Doesn't support all languages
No editing of generated music
Limited genre options
Limited customizability
No compatibility with music software
No collaborative features
No option for instrumental arrangement
Text descriptions may be misinterpreted


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