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Chatbot for easy text conversations.
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TextGPT is a chatbot tool that allows users to have text conversations directly from their messaging app. It is a simple and user-friendly tool that requires no app downloads, passwords or API tokens.

Users can have a nice conversation with ChatGPT without any frills. It is a website tool, but after set up, all that is needed is a phone. TextGPT provides 50 free trial messages to users to try the tool out, and after that, it offers flexible pricing plans that are not subscription-based.

There are no login requirements or API tokens needed for it to work smoothly. With TextGPT, users can set customized context and have lifetime chat history to keep track of all conversations.

It has been built by Franco, who is always ready to tackle new projects and can be reached through various channels, including his website or social media handles.

Overall, TextGPT is a valuable tool for users who want to have text conversations with ChatGPT without any technical hassles, such as app downloads, passwords or API tokens.


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Pros and Cons


No app downloads
No passwords needed
Direct text conversations
50 free trial messages
User-friendly tool
No API tokens required
Usage from messaging app
No login requirements
Flexible non-subscription pricing
Allows custom context setting
Lifetime chat history
Straightforward website setup
Developer reachable via socials
No technical hassles involved
Designed for text-based interaction


Website-based, not standalone app
No password security
No API token access
Limited free trial
No subscription option
Relies on mobile text
No login for personalization
No clear technical support
Dependent on phone availability
Charging per message


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