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Evaluation and comparison of job candidates.
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The Interview is a platform that streamlines the recruitment process for companies by allowing them to create custom job listings and add interview questions tailored to their specific needs.

Candidates can apply and record their answers in the form of asynchronous videos, saving time for both the candidate and the company. The platform allows for a more in-depth evaluation of the candidate's skills and qualifications, making the hiring process more efficient.

The Interview features a built-in rating system that allows companies to compare and contrast candidates based on qualifications, skills, and responses.

The platform is user-friendly and includes a mobile feature that allows companies to review candidate responses and make informed hiring decisions from their mobile device, even when they're away from the office.

The Interview is also designed to be GDPR compliant, with data handling practices that adhere to the highest ethical standards. The platform uses a unique method of authentication that eliminates the need for passwords, and secure file storage that distributes data across multiple nodes to reduce the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

Companies can use The Interview to find the perfect fit for their open positions and make informed decisions efficiently.


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Pros and Cons


Custom job listings
Tailored interview questions
Asynchronous video responses
Time-saving for companies
In-depth candidate evaluation
Built-in rating system
Mobile feature for companies
User-friendly platform
GDPR Compliant
Unique authentication method
Passwordless access
Secure file storage
Data distributed across nodes
Efficient hiring process
Allows quick decisions
Candidate's convenience
Evaluate candidates at own pace
Uninterrupted hiring process
Control over data
Ethical data handling
Decentralized storage
Reduced risk of breaches


No live interview feature
No password security option
Only mobile-friendly, not desktop
Overly simplistic rating system
No integration with HR systems
Dependent on reliable internet connection
No feature for group interviews
Complex data handling for users
Decentralized storage may confuse non-technical users
Single user interface for separate roles


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