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Job interview practice and prep.
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The Interviewer is an iOS app designed to assist users in practicing for job interviews. It offers relevant and realistic interview questions that cover a wide range of positions.

The app also provides valuable feedback on the answers given by users. The main aim of The Interviewer is to assist individuals in improving their interview skills.

By offering a wide variety of questions, it enables users to practice for interviews in various job roles and industries. The questions are designed to closely resemble the types of questions that candidates might encounter during actual job interviews.One notable feature of The Interviewer is its provision of feedback.

Users are able to receive constructive feedback on their answers, which can help them identify areas for improvement and enhance their interview performance.

The app is exclusively available on iOS and can be easily downloaded from the Apple App Store. No marketing speak or buzzwords are used in the description, ensuring objectivity and a reliance on relevant and useful information.

The description does not include exact numbers or statistics, which may change over time, but focuses on the key features and functionalities of the tool.


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