Coaching 2023-01-26
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Coach development app with feedback/resources.
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THeach is an AI-powered app designed to support coaches in their development. It provides evidence-based feedback on the coach's skills such as active listening, open-ended questions, and use of language.

It also offers data-driven insights into their practice trends and progress. It enables coaches to create individual folders to store reports, notes, and takeaways to reflect on their performance.

Additionally, it provides resources to get inspired with articles, top coaches’ experience, and suggestions on preferred topics. It also offers coaches the opportunity to join a community to receive invitations to special events, training discounts, and webinars.

All of these features are available for free, including three free coaching sessions feedback. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac computers.


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Pros and Cons


Individual folders for reports
Data-driven practice insights
Offers resources to inspire
Community for networking
Special events invitations
Training discounts offered
Webinars available
Three free sessions feedback
Compatible with Apple devices
Supports coach skill development
Evidence-based feedback system
Tracks practice trends
Store notes and takeaways
Experienced and new coach friendly
Data-driven approach to progress tracking
Support for self-paced development
Dedicated coaches membership page
Transcript layout simplification
Supports multiple languages
Free access to core features


No Android support
Limited to three free sessions
No multi-language support
Reliant on user's transcription accuracy
Focuses only on coach's perspective
Lacks real-time feedback feature
No offline functionality
Limited historical data access


What is THeach?
How does THeach help coaches with their development?
What type of feedback can I expect from THeach on my coaching skills?
Can THeach provide insights on my coaching trends and progress?
What organizational features does THeach offer for coaches?
What type of resources does THeach provide for coaches?
Does THeach offer a community for coaches?
What special offers does THeach provide for coaches?
What platforms is THeach compatible with?
Is THeach available for free?
Can you explain the feature of receiving three free coaching sessions feedback in THeach?
What is the purpose of the individual folders in THeach?
How can THeach help in reflecting on coaching performance?
Does THeach provide articles and experiences from top coaches?
What are some preferred topics on which THeach provides suggestions?
How does THeach help in creating notes and takeaways for coaches?
What special events does THeach community offer?
Are there any training discounts for THeach community members?
What webinars are provided by THeach?
Can I use THeach on my Mac computer?

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