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From data silos to powerful AI for customer experience.
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TheLoops AI for CX is an intelligent platform designed to enhance customer experience operations by providing actionable insights. Leveraging predictive analytics and general AI, the platform significantly improves team productivity.

It does this by conducting real-time data analysis and offering features such as sentiment analysis, trend alerts, and topic identification. The platform replaces multiple point solutions and manual data processes, rendering the need for a data engineer obsolete.

TheLoops integrates with tools including Intercom, Zendesk, Kustomer, and more, and complies with standards like SOC II and HIPAA. Besides its analytical capabilities, TheLoops has an AI-assisted support system providing recommended actions, auto-classification, and summarization, enhancing agents' performance overall.

It supports intelligent collaboration, making analysis, bug tracking, churn prediction, and feedback analysis readily accessible across different departments.

Its comprehensive reporting feature provides powerful dashboards and customer scores, enabling efficient evaluation and enhancement of team performance.

Enterprises can deploy TheLoops quickly and easily, with secure data handling, all the while facilitating scalable growth.


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TheLoops was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Agent quality monitoring
Voice of customer analysis
Real-time troubleshooting
Data from multiple sources
Customer health insights
Sentiment and usage data
Low-code support workflows
Support operations visibility
Free trial
Secure data integration
SAAS companies trust
Churn reduction
Escalations reduction
Predictive analytics
Data analysis
Sentiment analysis
Trend alerts
Topic identification
Data Engineering
Platform Integration
Intercom, Zendesk, Kustomer integration
SOC II Compliance
HIPAA Compliance
Recommended actions
Intelligent collaboration
Bug tracking
Churn prediction
Feedback analysis
Comprehensive reporting
Powerful dashboards
Customer scores
Secure data handling
Scalable growth
Fast deployment
Easy to use
Enterprise grade tool
Auto QA
Prediction of Escalation
Proactive Backlog Management
Intelligent Collaboration with VOC
Operations Visibility
Resources access
Team performance enhancement
Efficient evaluation
GDPR Compliant
Integrations with CRM tools


Limited integration options
No mobile support mentioned
May require substantial data
Possibly complex learning curve
Might over replace data engineers
No transparency about pricing
May need more SOC compliance
Might oversimplify customer scores
No mention of multilingual support


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How does TheLoops use predictive analytics to improve customer experience operations?
What are some of the specific analysis and reporting features offered by TheLoops?
What is the role of the AI-assisted support system in TheLoops platform?
What productivity improvements can be expected by using TheLoops?
How does TheLoops support intelligent collaboration across different departments?
How does TheLoops help with bug tracking and churn prediction?
How quick is the deployment process for TheLoops?
How does TheLoops comply with GDPR, SOC II and HIPAA standards?
What is the Auto QA feature offered in TheLoops?
How does TheLoops make data insights readily available to different teams in a company?
In what ways does TheLoops enhance agent performance?
How does TheLoops perform real-time troubleshooting and data analysis?
Can TheLoops really replace the need for a data engineer?
How does TheLoops contribute towards scalability and growth for enterprises?

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