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Dynamic analytics platform for modern products
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Thepanel is an open-source analytics platform designed for monitoring and analyzing user interactions in web and mobile applications. Positioned as an alternative to Mixpanel, it aids in understanding user behavior in real-time and provides in-depth insights.

The tool offers features like event tracking to analyze interactions including clicks, form submissions, and more. It facilitates the creation of personalized dashboards with a drag-and-drop feature, enabling the customization of data layouts for specific analysis needs.

Thepanel integrates seamlessly with various data sources through Segment Integrations, resulting in unified data views for all-encompassing analytics.

Users can also migrate their data effortlessly from Mixpanel using its export feature. Being open-source, it leverages the power of community support and allows for tool customization and evolution as per specific needs.

Notably, Thepanel incorporates advanced AI mechanisms for predictive analytics and automated insights, aiding in smarter decision-making by revealing data patterns and trends.

The platform is designed to integrate and analyze data from any source, including databases or web services, promoting a comprehensive approach to analytics.

The developers welcome collaborations and offer ongoing support.


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Thepanel was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Open-source platform
Real-time user interaction monitoring
Deep insight provision
Event tracking capability
Customizable dashboards
Drag-and-drop data layout
Seamless Segment Integrations
Unified data views
Easy data migration
Community support
Tool customization options
Predictive analytics
Automated insights
Comprehensive data source integration
Collaborative developer community
Support for web services
Platform evolution capabilities
In-depth user behavior understanding
User experience analysis
Automated data pattern reveals
Encourages smarter decision-making
Dashboard personalization
Integration with any data source
Clicks and form submissions tracking
Mixpanel export feature
Holistic approach to analytics
Compatibility with modern products
Ongoing developer support


Requires community support
Overreliance on Segment Integrations
Complex migration from Mixpanel
Customization requires technical skills
Analytics potentially overwhelming
Dashboard setup potentially tedious
No native data storage
No explicit security measures
Dependent on data quality


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Can I migrate data from Mixpanel to Thepanel?
What benefits does Thepanel have as an open-source platform?
Is there any support for tool customization in Thepanel?
How does Thepanel use AI for predictive analytics?
Which types of data patterns and trends can Thepanel reveal?
What sources of data can Thepanel integrate with?
Does Thepanel offer comprehensive analysis for all types of data?
How can I contribute to Thepanel's development?
Do the developers offer support for Thepanel?
Can Thepanel analyze user behavior in mobile applications?
Does Thepanel provide in-depth insights into user interactions?
How can Thepanel be used for smarter decision-making?
How does Thepanel handle data migration?

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