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Enhanced investment analysis for finance professionals.
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ThinkChain is an AI tool designed specifically for professionals in finance, private equity, professional investors, and real estate. The platform aims to streamline investment processes, save time, reduce costs, and uncover opportunities through AI-powered analysis.One of the key features of ThinkChain is deal evaluation.

Users can leverage AI agents to evaluate deal flow in real-time, add different document types, source new information, compare deals to prior ones, and model scenarios instantly.

The platform also supports a full diligence process with AI agents offering support.Portfolio management is another area where ThinkChain provides assistance.

Users can obtain updated BUY/SELL/HOLD recommendations for their existing assets and portfolios. Updated reporting, identification of new risks, and finding opportunities for optimal performance are facilitated by AI support.For sophisticated investors, ThinkChain offers advanced financial analysis capabilities.

Users have access to analytical AI tools that can instantly run cash flow scenarios, perform DCF, LBO, IRR analysis, and execute Monte Carlo simulations.

Real-time generation of spreadsheets and charts enables rapid and informed decision-making.The tool caters to various financial sectors, providing specialized solutions.

In private equity, ThinkChain offers AI-managed deal flow evaluation and due diligence process management. Real estate investors can analyze cap rate sensitivities, track occupancy rates, and make informed decisions using advanced solutions.

Lenders can conduct covenant analysis, calculate headroom, simulate downside scenarios, and manage risk effectively.ThinkChain offers different pricing plans, including a free tier with limited capabilities, a professional tier starting at $499 per month per seat, and enterprise options with custom solutions and dedicated support.Overall, ThinkChain empowers finance professionals with AI-driven analysis tools and supports various aspects of their investment processes, from deal evaluation to portfolio management and advanced financial modeling.


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ThinkChain was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 24th 2023.
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