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Customer feedback analysis for websites
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ThumbsUp is an AI-powered tool that revolutionizes the way businesses collect and analyze user feedback. Through a seamless integration, businesses can easily gather and consolidate customer sentiments and issues in one place, enabling them to gain a comprehensive understanding of their audience.

ThumbsUp offers sentiment analysis, providing valuable insights into customer opinions and emotions. This helps businesses better understand their audience and potentially identify unexpected trends or opportunities.

Additionally, ThumbsUp assists in staying up-to-date with evolving customer preferences, concerns, and interests by tracking keyword trends. This enables businesses to proactively address emerging issues and tailor their products or services to meet changing demands.Moreover, ThumbsUp provides data-driven recommendations for addressing customer concerns or implementing improvements through AI suggestions.

This saves businesses time and resources while fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty. ThumbsUp offers different pricing plans, with the Starter plan catering to smaller teams and the Pro plan suitable for growing or established teams.

The Pro plan includes additional features such as unlimited responses, customization options for feedback questions and button location, and the removal of ThumbsUp branding.ThumbsUp's user-friendly interface ensures a quick and easy setup, allowing businesses to start collecting feedback in minutes.

For those who require more guidance, personalized demo calls with the founder are available. Overall, ThumbsUp empowers businesses to make more informed decisions by leveraging AI-driven insights derived from user feedback, leading to improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.


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Pros and Cons


Seamless integration
Consolidates customer sentiment
Offers sentiment analysis
Tracks keyword trends
Data-driven recommendations
Saves time and resources
Fosters customer satisfaction
Different pricing plans
Unlimited responses (Pro Plan)
Feedback question customization (Pro Plan)
Branding removal option (Pro Plan)
Quick and easy setup
Personalized demo calls
Supports informed decision-making
One-line HTML embedding


Limited responses on Starter plan
No API provided
Limited customization with Starter plan
Removal of branding only in Pro plan
Doesn't support multi-language
Limited support (only founder)
Does not offer on-premise option


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How does ThumbsUp help in staying updated with changing customer preferences?
What are the AI suggestions in ThumbsUp?
What are the different pricing plans provided by ThumbsUp?
What additional features does ThumbsUp Pro plan provide?
What does 'unlimited responses' mean in ThumbsUp Pro plan?
What is included in ThumbsUp's sentiment analysis report?
How to customize feedback questions using ThumbsUp?
How to customize the location of feedback button using ThumbsUp?
How can ThumbsUp remove branding from the feedback?
How can I start for free with ThumbsUp?
How long is the free trial period for ThumbsUp?
Can I book a personalized demo call with ThumbsUp's founder?

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