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Automated product copywriter for eCommerce descriptions.
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Tiipe is an AI copywriting tool for eCommerce businesses that helps users create unique and creative product descriptions faster than ever before. With Tiipe, users can forget about manually writing descriptions by leveraging the power of AI to generate hundreds or thousands of descriptions in seconds.

The tool uses the brand's keywords and product attributes to create accurate and professional copies that can drive sales. Users can import basic product data, set up their preferences, and see magic happen in seconds.

Tiipe can create descriptions for fashion items, home deco objects, beauty products, and more. Tiipe's main benefits are its speed and creativity. Users can get 10x faster copywriting speeds and 100x more creativity by automating the copywriting process.

Additionally, the tool can help improve SEO by using keywords to optimize content on search engines. Tiipe supports different languages like English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The tool offers a 30-day free trial with no credit card required and different pricing plans which include a Starter Plan and a Growth Plan. Tiipe is best suited for SMBs, large eCommerce companies, and content management agencies.

Users can save, export, and share product descriptions to an MS Excel file, making it easy to manage them.


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Tiipe was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated product description generation
Leverages brand's keywords and attributes
Fast copywriting process
Improves SEO
Supports multiple languages
30-day free trial
No credit card requirement
Multiple pricing plans
Suitable for SMBs and large companies
Supports Excel export
Copywriting process customization
Can write for diverse products
Saves, exports and shares descriptions
Advanced natural language technology
Option to review and edit descriptions
Automate copywriting on autopilot
Speed and creativity amplified
three-step operation procedure


Closed source
Limited language support
Likely lack of diverse tones
May generate similar descriptions
Possible overuse of keywords
Relies heavily on user-provided data
Export only to MS Excel
Limited customer support options
No customised pricing
No API mentioned


What specific product categories can Tiipe write descriptions for?
Can Tiipe create descriptions in languages other than English, Spanish and Portuguese?
How are Tiipe's copywriting speeds compared to manual writing?
What's included in the Starter Plan?
What's included in the Growth Plan?
What kind of support is available to Tiipe users?
What is intended by 'Batch Copywriting Engine'?
What process does Tiipe use to generate product descriptions?
How does Tiipe improve search engine optimization (SEO)?
Does Tiipe offer the freedom to define your own product description structure?
Can product data be imported from Excel to Tiipe?
Can product descriptions generated by Tiipe be exported to Excel?
For whom specifically is Tiipe best suited?
How does Tiipe factor in a brand's keywords and product attributes when generating descriptions?
Is there a limit on the number of descriptions that can be generated by Tiipe at once?
What do Tiipe's 'credits' mean and how are they utilized?
What does the 30-day free trial include?
How does Tiipe enhance the creativity of product descriptions?
Does Tiipe offer different voice tones for descriptions?
Can descriptions be edited post-generation in Tiipe?

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