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Tiipe is an AI-powered tool specifically designed for busy creative teams, automating the process of writing content for eCommerce catalogues and marketing campaigns.

Primarily used to generate product titles, descriptions, and ads swiftly and efficiently, Tiipe serves as a personal copywriting assistant for users. With advanced natural language technology at its disposal, it can create unique and accurate descriptions for a wide range of products.

Users need only upload a product's data, set up preferences for voice tone, output language, style and structure, and run the tool to create multiple descriptions in seconds.

The platform also has the ability to cater its writing style to fit the brand's keywords and product attributes, further enabling the production of professional copies that can drive sales.

In addition to this, Tiipe can write human-like product descriptions across numerous categories, including fashion items, home dcor objects, beauty products, and more.

The platform also supports multiple languages and offers users the flexibility to review and edit the generated content as needed. A user-friendly tool with simplicity in its design, Tiipe is an invaluable asset for any eCommerce business or creative team engaged in high-volume content creation.


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Tiipe was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple languages
User-friendly tool
Creates unique descriptions
Auto-generates creative copies
Fast processing speed
Supports high-volume content creation
SEO optimization
Multiple pricing plans
30-day free trial
No credit card required
Supports multitude product categories
Supports batch copywriting
Personalized style and structure
Productivity and creativity boost
Saves, exports and shares functions
Emulates human-like content
In-app chat support for Growth Plan
Can connect to API
Accepts product data via Excel
Ability to edit generated content
Content can match brand's keywords
Able to create ad copies
Can cater different voice tones


Limited language support
Lacks API integration
Limited style and tone personalization
Produces only textual outputs
Doesn't support all e-commerce platforms
No voice assistant capabilities
No real-time syncing feature
Limited SEO features
Pricing plans restrictive
No offline mode


What is Tiipe?
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How does Tiipe work?
What kind of products can Tiipe create descriptions for?
What makes Tiipe different from other AI copywriting tools?
How can Tiipe improve SEO?
Which languages does Tiipe support?
What are the pricing plans for Tiipe?
What is included in the Starter Plan and the Growth Plan?
Can I try Tiipe for free before purchasing?
Who can benefit from using Tiipe?
Can I personalize the style and structure of my product descriptions with Tiipe?
How can Tiipe achieve 100x more creativity?
How is Tiipe beneficial for creative teams?
How does Tiipe generate hundreds or thousands of descriptions in seconds?
Can I save, export, and share product descriptions?
Can I import my basic product data to Tiipe?
Does Tiipe offer a custom Enterprise Plan?
Can I review and edit the generated content?
What makes Tiipe a user-friendly tool?

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