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timeMaster is an AI-enabled productivity tool centred on helping users manage their time more effectively. Its key features include automatic time tracking, project detection, and exclusion of non-work activities, providing a precise picture of work duration and patterns.

By automatically detecting what the user is working on, it categorises activities, tags projects, and generates detailed time logs. It also intelligently identifies when the users start working on a new project and begins tracking it accordingly.

Furthermore, the tool offers a feature to eliminate time wasted on non-work activities such as browsing the web or using social media. In terms of boosting work routines, timeMaster has functionalities for scheduling automatic breaks, setting and tracking goals, and sending notifications in cases of overworking or distraction.

It places high importance on privacy and data security, ensuring data is stored locally, encrypted, and accessed in a limited manner. The tool also offers insights into the users' most productive hours, top distractions, focus and distraction metrics and provides detailed reports on a weekly and monthly basis.

Additionally, it presents an overview of each project and automatic time logs to foster a deeper understanding of the user's work and focus patterns. Privacy is treated with high priority as it provides localized data storage, data encryption, and access to minimal information.


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Pros and Cons


Compatible with macOS 11+
Works with Intel and Apple Silicon
Automatic time tracking
Categorizes activities effortlessly
Tagging projects function
Excludes non-work distractions
Generates detailed time logs
Detects new projects automatically
Schedules automatic breaks
Goal setting feature
Overworking notification
Data remains locally stored
Uses encryption for data protection
Identifies productive hours
Identifies top distractions
Insight into focus, distraction metrics
Weekly, monthly reports
In-depth work habits analysis
Automatic overviews for projects
Privacy-first tracking
Limited-time early bird offer
Black Friday sale
Premium features in standard plan
Unlimited analytics
Limited access for secure data
Excludes time spent on non-work activities
Helps in building better work habits
Overworking reminders
Work break ratio tracking
Local data storage
Data encrypted before saving
Reads only app title for information
Categorizes user activities accurately
Automatic time logs for tasks
Insight into focus score
Insight into frequently used apps


Limited to macOS 11+
Only for Intel, Apple Silicon
No real-time syncing
No multi-device support
Limited user information access
No cross-platform compatibility
No web-based version
Minimalistic interface lacking features
Can't integrate with other apps
Requires premium for full features


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Will TimeMaster store my data locally or in the cloud?

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