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Create meaningful meetings with our AI-powered booking platform.
Generated by ChatGPT is a versatile scheduling and booking platform designed to simplify organizing meetings for businesses. It allows users to create and manage meetings with features like a visual seat plan and AI-powered scheduling, enhancing the overall event management experience.

The platform offers solutions for single host-single attendee meetings as well as arrangements for a single host with multiple participants. Beyond scheduling meetings, includes a drag and drop feature for handling seating arrangements, providing a seamless event experience for all participants.

Payment processing is also handled securely within the platform. As a comprehensive solution for appointment and booking management, the platform increases efficiency and productivity by automating various tasks through AI technology. offers substantial value to any organization that has to manage meetings, appointments, or events on a regular basis.


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Pros and Cons


Visual seat plan
Single host-single attendee meetings
Single host-multi participant meetings
Drag and drop seating arrangements
Secure payment processing
Increases efficiency
Increases productivity
Automates tasks
Can manage on-the-go
Can manage appointments
Seat arrangement automation
Supports one-to-one meetings
Supports one-to-many meetings
Supports seat arrangements
User-friendly drag-and-drop design
Niche based solutions
Intelligence based event experiences
Custom domain option
Niche-based seating arrangement
Secure and streamlined billing
Automates repetitive tasks
Free for use
Integration with various platforms
Recommendations based on booking history
Customization based on business needs
Has Stripe and PayPal integration
Extensive documentation available
Affiliate program available


No multi-host support
Limited to Stripe, PayPal
Limited customization options
No disclosed integrations
No agency accounts
Limited to single domain
No effective ticketing support


What is
How does use AI technology to enhance scheduling?
Are my payments secure with
Can I manage not just meetings, but formal events with
Is it possible to display a visual seating plan for events with
What types of meetings can be organized using
Can I manage a single host meeting with multiple participants using
How does the drag and drop feature improve the event experience on
Can I automate tasks using
How does the platform increase productivity?
Is suitable for large organizations?
Can accommodate single-host, single-attendee meetings?
What makes user-friendly?
How does manage appointments?
Can I personalize to reflect my brand?
What kind of businesses can benefit from using
What industries can utilize for their scheduling needs?
Does offer any integrations with other platforms?
Does have a mobile app?
Can different types of services benefit from using

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