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Automated team time management platform.
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TimeTo is a cloud-based platform that focuses on team time management. The tool provides tailored AI-powered automation that connects with the team's calendars and task managers, helping to optimize productivity.

TimeTo uses a hackable platform and expressive API to allow users to choose from off-the-shelf automation and extensible custom code. The tool prioritizes focus and deep work, enabling reactive scheduling, so the calendar reacts in real-time to new priorities, last-minute meetings, and scope changes.

The tool uses smart scheduling to enable flexible meetings and dynamic optimizations that increase focus and amplify productivity. TimeTo provides actionable data that allows users to see how time is spent and identify areas for optimization.

The platform also fights burnout by measuring the intensity of team members' schedules and alerting managers about team members who haven't had a recent day off or holiday.

This tool integrates with team communications tools, allowing users to go into DND and focused modes. TimeTo is built with data security and privacy in mind, and the tool integrates with the team's tools, allowing users to prioritize high-quality work alongside the meetings that matter.


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Pros and Cons


Cloud-based platform
Calendar and task manager integration
Optimizes productivity
Hackable platform
Expressive API
Allows custom code
Reactive scheduling
Real-time calendar reactions
Smart scheduling
Flexible meetings
Dynamic optimization
Provides actionable data
Identifies optimization areas
Supports burnout prevention
Measures schedule intensity
Alerts for no recent rest
Team communication tool integration
DND and focused modes
Data security and privacy
Integrates with team's tools
Prioritizes high-quality work
Time blocking support
Automatic task scheduling
Priorities and deadlines consideration
Automated reminders
Personalized rules setting


Limited integrations with calendars
Overreliance on user rules
Too extensible, confusing for beginners
High-intensity management might overwhelm
Potential privacy issues with calendar syncing
Lacks offline usability
Reactive scheduling may disrupt workflow
Difficult to understand analytics
No designated mobile app
Excessive notifications could distract


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