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Online text summarizing for long articles.
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TLDR This is a free online text summarizing tool that uses state-of-the-art AI to automatically condense long articles, documents, essays, or papers into key summary paragraphs.

The tool can be used by anyone who is overwhelmed by information overload, such as students studying for exams, writers looking to quickly summarize their articles, teachers who need to summarize a long document or chapter for their students, or journalists who need to summarize a long article for their newspaper or magazine.

TLDR This eliminates ads, popups, graphics, and other online distractions to give you a clean and focused reading experience, while also selecting the most relevant points from a text and filtering out weak arguments, baseless speculation, flashy phrases, and attention wasters.

Furthermore, the tool automatically extracts author and date information, related images, title, and reading time from news articles and blog posts. It is also integrated with browser extensions, so articles can be summarized with just a click.

TLDR This was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 29th 2022.
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Mar 13, 2024
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Pros and Cons


Free online tool
Processes various text types
Removes ads and popups
Automatically extracts article metadata
Browser extensions integration
Distraction and ad-free reading
Keyword display
Caption: key sentences and summary
Avoids clickbait trap
Short/concise vs. detailed/sectional summaries
Supports large text volumes
Prioritizes value over noise
View previous summaries history
Automatically condenses information
Paraphrasing tool integration
100% automatic article summarization
Suitable for various user types: students, writers, teachers, etc.
Featured by top websites
Instant sign up benefits
Rewrites content in a different voice and style
100% plagiarism-free paraphraser


Lacks multi-language support
No offline functionality
Limited free summaries
Unknown accuracy of summaries
No mobile app available
Potentially overlooks subtle details
Possible information misinterpretation
No control over summary length
Limited features for non-registered users
No text-to-speech option


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Can TLDR This help me if I am a journalist?
What kind of documents can TLDR This summarize?
Is there a browser extension available for TLDR This?
What elements of an article can TLDR This extract?
Can TLDR This summarize long research papers?
How does TLDR This help students?
Does TLDR This provide any advantages for writers?
How does TLDR This integrate into my internet browser?
Can TLDR This help me avoid clickbait?
What does TLDR This do to create a focused reading experience?
What type of AI technology does TLDR This use?
Are there any limitations on what TLDR This can summarize?
What's the advantage of signing up for TLDR This?
Is TLDR This suitable for teachers?
Does TLDR This generate both short and detailed summaries?

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