Selfie roasts 2023-12-18
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Get roasted & rated by AI with ToastyRoast.
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ToastyRoast is an AI-powered tool that offers a unique user experience by roasting and rating users based upon various factors. Users interact with the tool by uploading an image of themselves via the website's interface, after which the artificial intelligence engine begins its analysis to provide a 'roast' or critical, humorous feedback.

After clicking the 'Get Roasted' button, the AI takes some time to process and generate a rating, which can vary depending on the speed of the user's internet connection.

As a web-based tool, ToastyRoast is easily accessible, with no downloads required to use the service. Additionally, users with coding knowledge who are interested in building upon this tool have the option to do so as the source code for ToastyRoast is made readily available for the general public.

It is important to note that ToastyRoast provides an experience that combines AI technology with a unique blend of human interaction, offering users not only an innovative application of artificial technology but also a space to share a laugh.


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ToastyRoast was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 18th 2023.

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Pros and Cons


Unique user experience
Humorous feedback
Image-based interaction
Web-based, no downloads required
Accessible on any browser
Upload image function
Code customization possible
Interactive entertainment
Fast processing time
Critical feedback feature
No additional software required
Open to developer input
Quick user-onboarding
Option for user contribution
No registration required
Supports high-resolution images
No installation or setup
Instant user feedback
Entertaining user experience
Profile evaluation capabilities
Accessible open-source community
Relies on user-generated data
Shared laughter experience
Processing time varies with internet
Supportive community on GitHub


Dependent on user's internet speed
Image upload required
Processing time
Limited to website interface
Humor might offend users
Privacy concerns with image uploads
Reliant on clear user images
No mobile application
No User instructions provided
Potential for misinterpretation of rating


What is ToastyRoast?
How does ToastyRoast work?
Can I use ToastyRoast on any device?
What does ToastyRoast analyze when roasting users?
How long does it typically take for ToastyRoast to generate a roast/rating?
Is there any cost involved in using ToastyRoast?
Do I have to download anything to use ToastyRoast?
Who can use ToastyRoast?
How can I interact with ToastyRoast?
Does my internet speed affect the ToastyRoast processing time?
Can I integrate ToastyRoast's technology into my own projects or tools?
What type of image can I upload to ToastyRoast?
Is there a limit to how many times I can use ToastyRoast?
How does ToastyRoast ensure user privacy and data security?
What kind of feedback can I expect from ToastyRoast?
Can I share my ToastyRoast results on social media?
Is the source code of ToastyRoast available for public use?
In what ways does ToastyRoast combine AI technology and human interaction?
Does ToastyRoast provide customer support?
Why might someone want to use ToastyRoast over other AI tools?


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