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WhatsApp chatbot automates customer support and sales.
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Todook is an AI chatbot builder and conversational AI marketing tool designed specifically for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Google Conversation Bot.

It enables businesses to support their customers, drive sales, and engage with their audience 24/7. With Todook, businesses can connect with their audience across multiple digital channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Telegram, Gmail, and Google My Business.The tool allows businesses to automate customer conversations, ensuring quick responses and resolving queries.

It also helps in creating automated responses to create customer delight. Todook provides solutions for various industries including e-commerce, real estate, automobiles, insurance, and travel and tourism.With seamless integration support and more than 100 connectors for easy tech stack integration, Todook offers a comprehensive platform to enhance customer engagement and streamline marketing activities.

It provides features such as real-time analytics, drip campaigns, e-commerce solutions, customer polls, appointment booking, and more.Businesses across the globe trust Todook, as it helps acquire new customers through automated marketing conversations, engage with customers, and retain them for long-term business success.

The platform is widely appreciated by various businesses, such as Sintilla Home, SS Bikez, and Sreevatsa, who have witnessed improved customer support, increased sales, and efficient order management.Todook's conversational AI platform offers a user-friendly and efficient solution for businesses of all sizes, and it covers a wide range of industries.

It empowers businesses to automate customer interactions, enhance customer experiences, and drive business growth.


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