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Effortless exploration & manipulation of large CSV data.
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Tomat.AI is a tool designed to help users easily open and explore large CSV files without the need for cloud uploading or time-consuming loaders. With a user-friendly point-and-click interface similar to Excel, even non-data scientists can quickly start working with their CSV files.

The tool offers various features for data exploration, including data distribution analytics, enabling users to filter, sort, and group data effortlessly.

Users can also merge multiple CSV files into a single file with ease, even if the column order is not organized. Tomat.AI ensures data privacy by operating solely on the user's local machine, ensuring that files never leave the laptop and the user maintains full control and ownership of their sensitive data.One of the key highlights of Tomat.AI is its integration of AI capabilities, allowing users to leverage AI to enrich data, translate to other languages, perform sentiment analysis, and clean up and categorize data.

With GPT column tools, users can directly ask AI to assist with routine tasks without requiring special technical skills.Tomat.AI supports multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Additionally, the tool is not limited to CSV files alone, as it also supports Excel files, PostgreSQL, and Snowflake connectors. The community version of Tomat.AI is available for free, ensuring accessibility for users.

Overall, Tomat.AI provides a user-friendly and efficient solution for exploring large CSV files, offering AI-powered features for data manipulation and ensuring data privacy.


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Pros and Cons


Effortless large CSV exploration
User-friendly point-and-click interface
Data distribution analytics feature
Easy data filter, sort, group
Merges multiple CSV files
Adjusts for unorganized column order
Operates solely on local machine
Data never leaves the laptop
Supports multiple platforms
Supports Excel files, PostgreSQL, Snowflake connectors
Includes translation capability
Capabilities for sentiment analysis
Offers data cleanup feature
Categorizes data
Routine task assistance
No special technical skills required
Free community version available
Doesn't require cloud upload
Doesn't use loaders
Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux
No need for special code or formulas
Provides data privacy
Easy data enrichment
User maintains full data control
Efficient solution for exploring large CSV
Accessible for users
Works with Excel-like interface
Quick data tasks solutions
Easy files combination
Advanced filter features
Visual and intuitive interface
Safe and secure use
Full control and ownership retained
Safe place for sensitive data
Compatible with others file formats
Great for non-data scientists
Robust data analysis
Active capabilities expansion for file formats support
Go beyond Excel
No need to be data scientist
Fast installation and start
No technical knowledge required


No cloud storage option
Limited file format support
No data export options
No API integration
Dependent on local machine
Doesn't support database sources
No mobile support
Doesn't handle unstructured data
No option for collaboration
Lack of advanced analytics


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