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Automated solution for invoice and spend management.
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Tonkean InvoicesGPT is a comprehensive solution for automating invoice and spend management processes. It is easy to use, requiring only a one-click connection of your email inbox or Google Drive to get started.

Through the use of AI and GPT (General Purpose Technology), Tonkean is able to extract relevant fields from PDF/invoice files, complete three-way matching verifications, and provide visibility into spend across vendors and departments.

The platform also updates existing finance systems with relevant information. Tonkean’s no-code process builder enables users to customize processes without code and its automation platform automates processes end-to-end.

In addition, Tonkean’s intelligent request classification and request status tracker allow for enterprise governance and control. Furthermore, Tonkean is trusted by large companies such as Google and Workday.

It has been proven to save companies millions of dollars by eliminating manual tasks and other one-off solutions.


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Tonkean InvoicesGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


One-click connection setup
Extracts fields from PDFs
Three-way matching verifications
Visibility into vendor spend
Updates existing finance systems
No-code process builder
End-to-end process automation
Intelligent request classification
Request status tracker
Enterprise governance & control
Trusted by large companies
Reduces manual tasks
Email Inbox automation
Connected with Google Drive
In-built legal request intake
Guide buying experience automation
Legal matter automation
Tail spend automation
Integrates with workplace chatbots
Solution blueprints available
Data source integrations supported
Unstructured text understanding
Customizable user experience
Automation of simple requests
Process optimization enabled
No-code UI builder
Segregates incoming invoices
Finance Ops ready
Ensures against invoicing risks
Additional insights on spends
Automated ledger maintenance
GPT leveraged in processes
Automated operation with GPT
Reduces risk of fraud
Financial systems auto-update
No-code required for operations
High adoption & compliance
Used by Innovation teams
Allows process transformation
Saves millions of dollars
Automatic escalation of issues
Efficiency increase in operations
Removes unnecessary human involvement
Reduces chances of errors
Simplified tasks with no-code
Real-time ROI visibility
Inventory of pre-built solutions
Compatible with procurement processes


No multi-email compatibility
Dependent on GPT technology
No explicit PDF support
Requires continuous email inbox connection
Limited customization options
Dependent on Google Drive
No autonomous risk detection
No built-in safety features
Doesn't handle non-invoice PDFs
Doesn't mention small business suitability


What is Tonkean InvoicesGPT?
How does Tonkean InvoicesGPT automate invoice and spend management?
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Can Tonkean InvoicesGPT be customized?
How does Tonkean InvoicesGPT perform three-way matching verifications?
What types of fields can Tonkean InvoicesGPT extract from PDF/invoice files?
How does Tonkean InvoicesGPT update existing finance systems?
How does Tonkean InvoicesGPT provide visibility into spend?
What is Tonkean’s solution to request classification and status tracking?
How secure is Tonkean InvoicesGPT?
Can Tonkean InvoicesGPT integrate with other finance systems?
What is the purpose of Tonkean's no-code process builder?
Can Tonkean InvoicesGPT automatically handle purchase inconsistencies?
How does Tonkean InvoicesGPT help in reducing manual tasks?
How is Tonkean InvoicesGPT trusted by large companies like Google and Workday?
What is the role of AI and GPT in Tonkean InvoicesGPT?
How does Tonkean InvoicesGPT handle risk and fraud in invoice management?
Does Tonkean InvoicesGPT have a trial version?


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