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Generated content for marketers and creators.
Generated by ChatGPT is a platform that offers a comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools designed to support marketers and content creators in streamlining their daily tasks.

This tool aims to empower professionals in the digital marketing industry by providing them with innovative technology solutions. The platform offers a wide range of templates and tools that cover various aspects of digital marketing, including email templates, social media content, website content, blog sections, and more.

Users can access templates for blog titles, introductions, conclusions, and tags, allowing them to generate high-quality blog content efficiently. Email templates, such as confirmation emails, discount emails, testimonial emails, promotional emails, and follow-up emails, enable users to create engaging and effective email campaigns.Additionally, offers templates and generators for various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Users can access pre-designed templates for social media posts, advertisements, captions, event promotions, and Google Ads headlines and descriptions.

The platform also provides website-related templates for FAQs, reviews, meta tags and descriptions, the "About Us" section, website terms and conditions, and privacy policies.By utilizing AI-powered tools and templates provided by, marketers and content creators can enhance their productivity and efficiency in developing engaging and impactful digital marketing campaigns across multiple platforms.


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ToolsIT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Template based content generation
Content for various platforms
Supports various content types
Email templates
Social media content templates
Website content templates
Google Ads templates
YouTube content templates
Website policy templates
Handles blog content
Efficient content generation
Adaptable for different industries
Intuitive interface
Generates promotional emails
Generates follow-up emails
Twitter post templates
Facebook ads templates
Generates Instagram captions
Generates event promotions
Creates meta tags
Creates meta descriptions
Generates website reviews
Variety of email templates
Generates song lyrics
Generates short stories
Generates motivational quotes
Scrapes websites for public data
Summarizes YouTube videos
Generates mission statements
Generates vision statements
Chat feature
Speech to text generation
Custom templates
Live support
Multi-language support
Pre-set prompts
Affordable subscription packages
Generates sales outreach copies
Saves time for users
Enhances productivity
Multiple payment options
Free trial available
Used by diverse companies
Content rewriter
Content generator for TikTok


Lack of collaboration feature
Limited language support
Inability to integrate with CMS
No multi-user variant
Lack of API for integration
No mobile app
Limit on monthly content generation
Limited range of templates


What is
How does help content creators?
What kind of templates does offer?
Can generate blog content?
How does assist in creating email campaigns?
Does provide templates for social media?
What kind of website-related templates are available on
Does offer tools for creating Google Ads?
Can I generate meta tags and meta descriptions using
How does support in generating 'About Us' sections for websites?
Does assist in creating website terms and conditions or privacy policies?
How can improve my productivity in digital marketing?
Can I create YouTube video titles and descriptions using
Can I generate Website FAQs and answers using
Does ToolsIT help me with my company's mission and vision statements?
What types of promotional emails can I create using
Can I generate event promotions for specific social media platforms on
Does ToolsIT provide AI-powered tools?
What kind of content can I generate for Instagram using ToolsIT?
Can I create song lyrics, short stories, or quotes with

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