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Photo AI 3 is a tool developed by Topaz Labs focused on photo enhancement. It utilizes Artificial Intelligence to refine, sharpen, denoise, and upscale images.

This application comprehends objects in the image, differentiating between image detail and noise in those objects, preserving the details and minimizing the noise.

It combats blurriness caused by issues such as camera shake, motion blur, and missed focus by employing an advanced sharpening technique that naturally reverses these root causes.

Other remarkable highlights include its distinctive ability to upscale images by adding intelligent pixels, enriching the overall quality of the image.

Additionally, it's fitted with special features to recover faces, remove objects, preserve text, adjust lighting, and balance color. Photo AI 3 also works to improve the quality of distorted text, shapes, and details resulting from denoising, sharpening, or upscaling the image.

It is characterized by seamless integration with other platforms like Photoshop and Lightroom Classic and an adaptable interface that allows speedy preview updates and drag panels.


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Pros and Cons


Maximizes image quality
Effective noise reduction
Sharpening features
Upscaling capabilities
Face Recovery module
Can differentiate real image detail and noise
Corrects root causes of blurriness
Works with most photo editors
Raw file processing
Can be used as standalone
Can be used as a plugin
Intelligent pixel addition in upscaling
Highly accurate object removal
Preserves text in enhancement
Offers lighting adjustment
Compatible with Photoshop and Lightroom
Quick preview updates
Drag panel interface
Can correct distorted details
Enhances text and shapes
Utilizes context-aware algorithms
Works smoothly on Mac and PC
High performance optimization with hardware manufacturers
User-friendly interface
Multiple photo enhancements in one use
Simultaneous under and over-exposure correction
Two seats included in purchase
Intelligent color and temperature correction
Supports batching for multiple images
Performs actions in any sequence
Brightness and contrast correction
Seamlessly integrates with workflow
Color balancing feature
Can correct entire image or selected parts
Improves quality of distorted details
Interface allows speedy changes
Enhances and upscales face/text with natural look
Reconstructs object removal patch
1 year full product support
30 day refund guarantee
Softwares support major hardware like Nvidia, AMD, Intel
Allows drag panel placement
Balance color new feature


Requires 16GB RAM minimum
Allows only two seats
Limited object removal
No free trial
Nested interface
Needs high-end graphics card
Can't correct extreme blurriness
Lacks manual pixel control
Only 12 months of updates


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What are the capabilities of the Sharpen AI module in reversing root causes of blurriness?
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How does Topaz Photo AI integrate with platforms like Photoshop and Lightroom Classic?
What is unique about Topaz Photo AI's technique for combating blurriness issues like camera shake and motion blur?
How does Topaz Photo AI work towards improving the quality of distorted text, shapes, and details?
What are some of the remarkable highlights of using Topaz Photo AI for photo enhancement?
How does Topaz Photo AI function with other advanced features like object removal, text preservation, and lighting adjustment?
What differentiates Topaz Photo AI’s upscaling feature from other traditional image upscaling algorithms?
What editing options does Topaz Photo AI 3 provide to users?
How does Topaz Photo AI deal with issue of noise from low lighting conditions?
How does the object removal feature in Topaz Photo AI work?
How does Topaz Photo AI work towards enhancing and upscaling face and text without unnatural distortions?
Why does Topaz Photo AI have a reputation for improving pictures distorted by denoising, sharpening, or upscaling?
What improvements are introduced in the Photo AI 3 version?
How does the color balancing feature work in Photo AI 3, and how can it benefit users?
How does Topaz Photo AI analyze and correct brightness and contrast to create more vivid images, and are there customizable settings for this feature?
What are the advantages and limitations of using Topaz Photo AI as a standalone application or as a plugin with software like Photoshop or Lightroom?

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