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Automatically publish high-quality articles with AI
Generated by ChatGPT
Topyc boosts website SEO by simplifying content creation within a structured plan, organizing content into topical clusters for maximum impact. Perfect for e-commerce, blogs, and more, it enables strategic content organization and optimization.

Key Features:
- Easy WordPress and DropInBlog integration for hassle-free publishing.
- Adjusts article length, tone, and style to match your brand.
- Features AI-generated internal links for improved site navigation and SEO.

A few unique advantages:
- Automatically or manually generates topic clusters for comprehensive content strategy.
- Employs advanced AI for real-time, relevant research from Google and Scholar.
- Enriches articles with data tables, images, credible external links, and keywords for SEO.
- Publish articles directly from Topyc to your site, streamlining your content workflow.
- Embed external links with precision, including the ability to block competitor domains, ensuring your content's integrity and focus.

Start with 5 free articles. For more, plans start at $20/month.

Visit to sign up and strategically enhance your site's content and SEO.

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Pros and Cons


Streamlines content creation
Ideal for website expansion
No need for content team
Advanced SEO capabilities
Suitable for various applications
Seamless integration with Wordpress
Seamless integration with DropInBlog
Customizable content features
Real-time research capabilities
Most recent information inclusion
Citations and external links
Keyword suggestions feature
Bolsters article authority
User data privacy assured
Integrated plagiarism checker
Direct publishing capability
Automatic external link embedding
Blocks competitor domains
Variable word length control
Personalized tone and voice
Ability to edit brief
Control over citation styles
Control over links and citations
GPT-4 & Claude integration
Efficient content generation
Automated daily content suggestions
User-defined customization
Topical authority establishment
Automated content structuring
Bulk content creation support
Multilingual translation capability
Customizable project settings
Publising to multiple platforms
Smart calls to action
Blocks mentions of competitors
Control over content customization
Maximizes topical authority
Custom research links option
High-quality article generation
Fast content creation
Automated content planning
Automated content scheduling
SEO-friendly content structuring


No integration beyond Wordpress, DropInBlog
Limited customization options
Dependent on Google Search, Scholar
Automatic content may lack uniqueness
No human review for content
Block competitors feature can limit content
No explicit multi-language support
Lack of offline functionality
No API for custom integrations


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How does Topyc ensure user data privacy?
Does Topyc have a plagiarism checker?
Can I directly publish content from Topyc?
Can Topyc prevent competitor domains from being mentioned in the content?
How can Topyc aid in ecommerce, blogs and other niche sites?
Can Topyc generate content at scale?
Can Topyc adopt a specific citation style?
What are some ways Topyc can optimize content?
Does Topyc offer features for automatic internal and external link embeddings?
Can Topyc block competitor domains from being mentioned in the content?
How does Topyc ensure content uniqueness?
Can Topyc help in boosting article authority?

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