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Mobile text extractor.
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ToSummary is a convenient tool that makes it easy to extract text from any webpage, YouTube video, or other online source. It automatically cleans up the content, removing any ads, distractions, or clutter, and splits long text into smaller parts that fit within the maximum input allowed for ChatGPT.

It also has a feature that extracts subtitles from YouTube videos and presents them in a clean and readable format. The tool is optimized for mobile devices, making it easy to extract content on the go.

It is fast and reliable, allowing users to quickly get started with their ChatGPT processing. To date, 1128 users have extracted 3577 unique articles and YouTube videos.


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Pros and Cons


Extracts from any source
Automatically cleans content
Removes ads and distractions
Splits long text
Extracts YouTube video subtitles
Mobile optimized
Fast performance
Allows content extraction on-the-go
Compatible with ChatGPT
Invites user registration
Significant usage statistics
Extracts from webpages
Loads quickly
Makes content readable


No desktop optimization
Limited to only text extraction
No direct integration with ChatGPT
No advanced text processing features
No support for non-English sources
Doesn't support other video platforms
Relies on external content availability
No user customization options
Requires internet connectivity


What is the ToSummary tool used for?
How does ToSummary help with sourcing content for ChatGPT?
Can ToSummary extract text from YouTube videos?
Does ToSummary remove ads and distractions from the extracted content?
What does ToSummary do with long text content?
Why is ToSummary optimized for mobile devices?
How many users have used ToSummary till date?
Is there a limit to the number of articles or videos I can extract with ToSummary?
Is ToSummary reliable to use for content extraction?
How does ToSummary handle the subtitles present in YouTube videos?
Why should I use ToSummary instead of copying and pasting manually?
Does ToSummary require a login or registration to use?
Is there a charge to use the ToSummary tool?
What are the system requirements to run ToSummary successfully?
How does ToSummary split long text into manageable parts?
Does ToSummary work with links that start with either http or https?
Can I use ToSummary to extract text on my mobile device while out and about?
How quickly can I start using ChatGPT after extracting content with ToSummary?
Does ToSummary support languages other than English for extraction?
Is there a character limit on the amount of text ToSummary can extract from a site?

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