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Personalized audio tours for cities.
Generated by ChatGPT

Touring is an immersive audio guiding system powered by AI and geolocation. It is designed for travelers who prefer to explore at their own pace and avoid crowded tours.

With Touring, users can experience a private city tour right from their pocket, without the need for extensive planning or limitations.The app offers flexibility and personalization.

Users can go wherever they want, and the narration will adapt accordingly. They can also tailor their interests, whether it's arts, history, or food, and enjoy a tour customized to their preferences.

Additionally, Touring allows users to ask questions about what they see during their solo travels and get instant answers through the narration.For those traveling in groups, Touring offers the option to sync the audio feed, ensuring everyone enjoys the same narration together.

Users can also pause the tour whenever they need a break and resume whenever they please. The app provides various voice options, allowing users to choose their preferred narrator, from Donald Trump to David Attenborough.Touring leverages generative AI, geolocation, 3D spatial information, speech synthesis, and human-curated content to create its advanced real-time audio guiding system.

The app fetches facts from online sources, crafts cohesive stories using GPT4 and text-to-speech technologies, and uses geolocation and 3D maps to provide an engaging and fresh experience.While still in beta, Touring is actively recruiting early adopters who will have the opportunity to shape the app's journey and enjoy discounts.

The beta version will be accessible for free until its public release. With Touring, travelers can explore the world like a local, with the ultimate convenience and personalization provided by AI technology.


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Touring was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 17th 2023.
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