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Algorithmic analysis-based trading advice for investors.
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TradeCalls is an AI-powered trading assistant that offers automated trading advice to investors. It uses algorithms, formulas, mathematics and news to analyze millions of data points, and then executes trades based on its analysis to maximize profits.

It is compatible with virtually all exchanges and asset types, and can be used to automate manual technical analysis, speed up analysis, improve accuracy, reduce costly mistakes, and find winning trade setups.

It also includes features like TradeCalls Exchange Integration, AI-powered trade timing, and a market scanner. It is available in a 7-day trial, monthly, yearly, Pro, Pro+, and Premium subscription packages.

The Pro package includes trading signals for a period of 1 day, and the Pro+ package includes a personal trader manager and risk management. The Premium package includes everything in Pro+ and access to the TradeCalls platform.

TradeCalls has been tested with great success, with returns of $13,630 on BTCUSDT, $22,000 on LTCUSDT, $7,620 on ETHUSDT, $5,240 on TSLA, $6,450 on XLE, $3,400 on BA, and $17,144 on AMC over a 12-month period.

It is a secure platform, with payments made through PayPal and credit cards, and refunds available for annual auto-renewing subscriptions. It is also highly rated, with users praising its accuracy and profitability.


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Tradecalls was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Algorithmic trading advice
Automates technical analysis
Compatible with all exchanges
Works with all asset types
Includes TradeCalls Exchange Integration
Precise trade timing
Market scanner included
Multiple subscription options
Personal trader manager in Pro+
Pro package includes trading signals
Tested with success
Secure payment methods
High user ratings
Dashboard for easy navigation
Good returns on multiple assets
Refunds available for annual subscriptions
Automates manual technical tasks
Reduces analysis mistakes
Improves trading accuracy
Speeds up analysis
Removes trading bias
Helps find trade setups
24/7 support
Personalized risk management
Access to TradeCalls platform
Usage tutorial available
Proven market profitability
Operates in real-time
Enables customization of analysis
Provides 'hot' stock alerts
Predicts insider trading trends
Data-driven trade decisions
Feedback available from users
Unbiased trading advice
Signals for main crypto
Handles massive data points
Daily trading signals
Scripts for performance boost
Analyze any chart on-demand
Useful for novice and expert traders
Profitability across market conditions
Accumulates profits
Supports PayPal and credit cards
Seamless integration with Binance
Automates trade execution
Stable data flows
Discounted options for yearly plans


Requires payment for real-time data
No refund for self-purchased subscriptions
No refund for monthly auto-renewals
Only annual auto-renewing subscriptions refundable
14-day refund period for annual subscriptions
Numerous paid subscription packages
No JavaScript, No Functionality
Access termination after trial cancellation
No specific analysis customization options
No support for additional exchanges in widget


What is TradeCalls?
How does TradeCalls work?
What is the TradeCalls Exchange Integration feature?
Can TradeCalls be used across all exchanges and asset types?
How does TradeCalls improve trading accuracy?
How can TradeCalls help find winning trade setups?
What is the AI-powered trade timing feature in TradeCalls?
What subscription packages does TradeCalls offer?
What does the TradeCalls Pro+ package include?
What benefits does the TradeCalls Premium package provide?
What security measures does TradeCalls take for payments?
How can I trial the TradeCalls service?
What are the trading results that users have achieved with TradeCalls?
How is TradeCalls rated by users?
In what ways can TradeCalls help automate my trading?
How does TradeCalls prevent costly analysis mistakes?
What type of support does TradeCalls provide to its users?
How can TradeCalls enhance my trading?
What financial instruments does TradeCalls support?
Can I cancel my TradeCalls subscription at any time?

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