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Real-time signals for stock traders.
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TradeUI is a powerful platform for stock/options/ETF traders to leverage machine learning and real-time data-driven signals to empower their trades and trade with more confidence.

It offers a range of powerful AI data-driven tools to help users make informed decisions, including options flow, technical analysis, trading signals, money flow trends and more.

Through its unique filters, users can customize their scanners to match their trading style and receive hundreds of option trade ideas throughout the day.

The platform also provides advanced analytics to help users find trends and patterns to discover their edge. It also has a study tool to give users a visual insight to the option flow and a profit loss calculator to better manage risk reward.

The TradeUI platform is mobile-ready and runs on any javascript-enabled device, so no download is required. It also has a Discord Bot and a Site Widget to keep users up to date with the latest developments.

Finally, the platform offers two weeks of trial at $2/day and has an affiliate login for influencers to join and earn.


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Oct 26, 2023
great platform - the signals are unique and honestly I tried all the other services they lag, timestamps are wonky even if they say its realtime this works for me as a day trader since its real time
May 23, 2023
Over-priced for what it promises to do. Other AI powered services, at more affordable prices, or cheaper, some with incredible track records and scientists with great track records.

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Pros and Cons


Real-time signals
Customizable scanners
Advanced analytics
Study tool for visuals
Profit loss calculator
Discord Bot
Site Widget
Affiliate feature
Risk management tool
Runs on browser
No download
Cost-effective trial
Educational videos
Influencers join & earn
Option flow insights
Technical analysis feature
TradeUI Pro option
Account management feature
Real-time options flow
Stocks & ETF support
Sweep analysis
Advanced filtering
Trend analysis
Market news
Options flow, technical analysis
Stock market tools
Desktop App
Advanced filtering
Unusual activity tracking
Streaming Real-time data
Money flow trends
Unusual Options flow
Active development team
Community join option
Visual insight to option flow
Stock overview feature
Unique filters
Premium support
Options sweep leaders
User feedback implementation
Testimonials available
Social network integration
Weekly feature additions
Introducing Option Flow
Earnings calendar


No download version
Limited device compatibility
No granular pricing option
Affiliate login needed
No explicit security measures
Data sourcing from third-parties
No offline usage
Reliance on JavaScript-enabled devices
Charged trial version
Requires constant internet connection


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