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Investment analysis and insight assistant.
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Trading Literacy is an AI-powered tool that leverages conversational artificial intelligence to provide insights and analysis for investment activities.

Users can interact with a multilingual assistant through chat, asking questions and receiving reports and summaries of their investment transactions. The tool goes beyond generalized aggregated reports and allows users to analyze hundreds of transactions to identify leaks and edges in their investment strategies.One of the key features of Trading Literacy is its ability to easily upload trade history files from various exchanges or broker interfaces, allowing users to extract information and receive instant answers.

The tool is powered by ChatGPT, utilizing the latest and most powerful AI model available on the market.To ensure privacy and security, Trading Literacy encrypts and anonymizes personal information before processing it with AI.

The tool also supports multiple languages, making it accessible to users globally.Trading Literacy offers two pricing plans, Investor and VIP, with flat fees and no hidden costs.

The Investor plan includes features such as limited document uploads, transactions, questions, and types of reports, while the VIP plan offers unlimited access to these features, along with white-label reports and API access.In addition to its core features, Trading Literacy provides a blog with informative articles on trading basics, books, indicators, patterns, risk management, strategies, and tools.

The tool is developed by CROSSCHAIN OÜ.


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