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Automating your trading strategy.
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Tradingview Scripter is an AI-based tool that assists traders in generating a backtesting TradingView script using Elon Musk's OpenAI GPT-3. The platform simplifies the process of transforming trading ideas into actionable code, allowing traders to maximize their trading efficiency and potential.

The tool begins by asking traders a few straightforward questions about their trading strategy to understand their preferred conditions for entering and exiting trades.

Based on the inputs provided, the advanced AI system processes the data and generates the necessary PineScript code, aligning with the trader's unique approach and preferences.

The platform also gathers information about the conditions for closing trades and lets a trader define specific criteria, such as profit targets or stop-loss levels, which determine when a trade should be closed.

The AI system then applies sophisticated algorithms to generate the corresponding PineScript code, which can be loaded seamlessly into, a popular online trading platform.

The system also enables traders to set up alerts based on their strategy, which serve as notifications that trigger automated trading actions when certain conditions are met.

The platform conducts comprehensive backtests on historical data, giving traders the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of their strategy under various market conditions.

In summary, Tradingview Scripter streamlines the process of automating trading strategy, empowering traders to optimize their trading approach and enhance their trading outcomes.


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Mar 10, 2024
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Jul 18, 2023
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Pros and Cons


Generates Backtesting TradingView Script
Streamlines Trading Strategy Automation
Simplifies Code Creation
Customizes Strategies
Efficient PineScript Code Generation
Trade Closure Parameters
Direct integration with TradingView platform
Sophisticated Algorithm Application
Enables Strategy Alerts
Conducts Comprehensive Backtesting
Aligns with User's Approach
Facilitates Strategic Changes
Single login functionality
Historical data evaluation
Generates Long and Short Conditions
Optimizes Trading Outcomes
Non-manual Market Monitoring
Enhances Trading Efficiency
Provides Trade Entry Conditions
Defines Profit Targets and Stop-loss levels


Limited to TradingView platform
No direct execution capability
Dependent on user inputs
No real-time data analysis
Limited alert customization
No support for multi-asset strategies
Doesn't provide trade execution logic
Doesn't support complex strategies
No access to raw backtesting data
No collaborative functionality


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Can I use the generated PineScript code on other platforms apart from
What is the purpose of the alerts generated by the TradingView Scripter?
Does the TradingView Scripter tool facilitate notifications regarding market movements?
What types of strategies can I automate using TradingView Scripter?
Does TradingView Scripter offer backtesting capabilities?
How does TradingView Scripter help enhance my trading outcomes?
How does Tradingview Scripter cater to my unique trading preferences?
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How does TradingView Scripter assist with decision-making in trading?
Does TradingView Scripter allow for both buying and selling conditions in the market?
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Is there an option to modify or refine my trading approach after backtesting in TradingView Scripter?

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