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Retail trading w/ trade ideas & dashboards.
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Tradytics is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven trading toolkit designed for retail traders. It provides comprehensive trade ideas, live options flow, extensive scanners, market dashboards, and ticker dashboards.

It also offers long-term portfolios and technical analysis tools. The AI engine analyzes millions of data points to generate trade ideas, helping traders make informed decisions.

The tools are accessible on Web, iOS and Android, making the platform easy to use on all devices. The platform is trusted by over 48,000 users and 15,000 traders have joined the Discord server.

Traders have reported success, with many making 4x their investments in a day and up to 345% in their “gambling” accounts. The community is active and provides insights and support to new traders.

With Tradytics, retail traders can access the same data and insights as the big guns on Wall Street.


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Oct 26, 2023
terrible app had to get a refund the data is wrong and doesnt match up when you check with the brokers

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Pros and Cons


Provides comprehensive trade ideas
Live options flow
Extensive scanners
Market dashboards
Ticker dashboards
Long-term portfolios
Technical analysis tools
Accessible on Web, iOS, Android
Trusted by over 48,000 users
15,000 traders on Discord
Active and supportive community
Aids in informed trading decisions
Users report high success rate
Has educational resources
Institutional grade data
Advanced and simple tools
Lightweight mobile apps
Helps in strategic trading
Real-time dashboard updates
Tools for all trader types
Institutional data on Discord
Majority positive user feedback
Focus on retail traders
Includes crypto trading features
Affordable pricing plans
Scalping ideas provision
Algorithmic analysis
Enables trade conviction
Accuracy in trade predictions


Overwhelming for new traders
Complex user interface
No refund policy
Mobile apps lack functions
Separate subscriptions required
Limited customer support
Emphasis on Discord
Potential overfitting issues
Portfolio specific to stocks


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Why is Tradytics trusted by over 48,000 users?
What success have traders reported using Tradytics?
What services does Tradytics offer to support new traders?
How does Tradytics ensure the generation of profitable trade ideas?
What are the extensive scanners that Tradytics offer?
How does the market dashboard on Tradytics help traders?
What kind of analysis can Tradytics' technical analysis tools provide?
How are the long-term portfolios in Tradytics designed?
How do I get started with Tradytics?
Can I access Tradytics on my mobile device?
What are the differences between the Tradytics web app and the mobile app?
Are there any tutorials or guides to help new Tradytics users?
What are Tradytics discord bots and how do they work?
What kind of trade data and analysis tools does Tradytics offer?
What kind of data does Tradytics AI Trade Ideas tool analyze?

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