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Generated art and assets.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool that allows users to train image models, generate AI art, and chain models together. The tool provides users with a login option via GitHub and presents them with a list of trending models to choose from.

These models include various themes, such as GTA5ART, CANDY-STYLE-ICON, DRAGONBALL-CARD, LISATHEDOG, WEDNESDAY, and more.Users can select a model and run it through the tool to produce AI assets.

The generated assets can be unlimited in number and can be used for various purposes. The tool allows users to create 2D and 3D art, stylized images, game assets, and provides an opportunity for artists, developers, and other professionals to automate various tasks and improve their creative output.

With its intuitive interface and abundant resources, users can quickly set up their models and train them to produce high-quality results.Overall, is a powerful AI tool that streamlines the process of producing AI assets and enables users to achieve their creative vision.

Its versatility and accessibility make it an excellent choice for individuals or businesses looking to enhance their AI capabilities.


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Pros and Cons


Login option via GitHub
Enables chaining of models
Offers 2D and 3D art
Generates stylized images
Creates game assets
List of trending models
Option to train models
Intuitive interface for users
Possible automation of tasks
Improves users' creative output
Versatile use cases
Accessible for multiple professions
Comprehensive model themes


Limited login options
Art generation unspecified
Chaining model capability unclear
Limited model categories
No collaboration features
No editing features
No versioning system
No preset customization
No model sharing feature
No third-party integrations


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