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Automated audio transcription with editing.
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TranscribeAudio is an automated transcription service that enables users to easily and affordably transcribe their interviews and meetings. The tool provides a simple and fast solution for generating accurate transcripts from audio files.

Users can edit their transcripts using the tool's intuitive editor and export them as PDF or SRT files. One notable feature of TranscribeAudio is its speaker identification capability, which automatically identifies speakers in the audio file.

This feature allows for easier tracking and analysis of conversations. The tool also offers the ability to review and refine transcripts using a simple editor, ensuring the accuracy and quality of the transcription.

User security is prioritized, as the audio files are securely stored and only accessible by the user. TranscribeAudio follows a pay-as-you-go pricing model, allowing users to purchase transcription minutes based on their specific needs.

It also offers a free tier that includes 90 minutes of transcription time upon sign-up, with additional minutes available for purchase at a low cost. Derived Software Solutions LTD, the developer behind TranscribeAudio, constantly updates the tool with new features and welcomes user suggestions for improvement.

Overall, TranscribeAudio is a reliable and cost-effective solution for transcribing audio files, providing easy editing capabilities, speaker identification, and secure access to user files.


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