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Highly accurate audio-to-text transcription solution.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered transcription tool that promises premier accuracy and precision, enabling users to save time and reduce errors when transcribing audio content.

The tool is suitable for personal and business use and accepts various types of audio files, including interviews, conference calls, podcasts, lectures, and multiple languages.

The process involves uploading an audio file and letting the AI algorithms work their magic, delivering error-free transcriptions in minutes. Users can then easily download and use the generated text for further use.

Additionally, the tool provides free summaries of the transcripts to help users focus on the most important aspects of the content. The website offers two subscription plans, allowing users to transcribe up to 1,000 or 5,000 minutes of audio in any language, with each plan offering a full transcript and summary for every 10 minutes of audio. is useful for anyone who needs to transcribe audio content quickly and accurately, without the hassle of manual transcription. The tool promises to deliver timely and reliable transcriptions that exceed expectations, enabling users to focus on more important tasks.

The tool also provides an AI-generated short summary for the transcription and promises error-free accuracy, faster turnaround times, and more affordable pricing than human transcription services.


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Dec 27, 2023
paid service. 09 USD month
Jun 24, 2023
Upload file? How is that real time? How about you get URL of a live stream and you transcribe?

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Pros and Cons


Premier accuracy
Reduces transcription errors
Suitable for personal and business use
Accepts various audio files
Supports multiple languages
Quick transcriptions
Downloadable transcriptions
Generates free summaries
Subscription plans for audio minutes
Transcription in any language
Affordable pricing
Faster than human transcription
Ease of use
Supports interviews, conferences, podcasts, lectures
High precision
Variety of subscription plans
Full refund within 72 hours
User-friendly interface


No free version available
Limited transcription minutes
Unknown error handling
Limited languages supported
No mentioned support for accents
Prices not competitive
72-hour refund conditions
Unspecified turnaround times
Potentially poor handling of technical vocabulary
No multiple user support


What is
How does work?
What types of audio files can transcribe?
How accurate is's transcription?
What languages does support?
How quickly can transcribe my audio files?
How can I download my transcripts from
What is the purpose of the AI-generated short summary provided by
What are's subscription plans?
How many minutes of audio can I transcribe with each of's subscription plans?
Can handle transcriptions for business purposes?
What advantages does using have over manual transcription?
Is the tool easy for beginners to use?
Can I preview the summary and full transcript before downloading?
What is the refund policy of
What's the difference in features between the two subscription plans?
What happens if fails to produce an acceptable output?
Where can I refer to if I happen to have more queries about
What security measures does have in place to protect my data?
Can I use on multiple devices?

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