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Fast and accurate audio-to-text transcription assistant.
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Transkribieren (Transcribe in seconds) is an AI tool designed to assist in audio transcription. It boasts of high speed, accuracy and the ability to transcribe different audio file formats.

The tool supports files such as mp3, mp4, mpeg, mpga, m4a, wav, or webm, with a maximum size of up to 25MB. Transkribieren is easy to use, and users can upload their audio files and start transcribing in seconds.

The tool eliminates the need for manual transcription that is generally slow and time-consuming. It uses Artificial Intelligence technology to convert audio to text and deliver transcriptions within a short time.

Transkribieren releases regular updates, and version 0.2 was recently launched. Users can sign up to the website and receive updates on the latest features and news on AI audio transcription.

Overall, Transkribieren's objective is to help users save time and improve accuracy in audio transcription. It provides a fast and reliable solution that can be suitable for several industries such as legal, medical, and research.


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Feb 17, 2024
I really like Transkribieren. The free features allowed to me to transcribe PERFECTLY some Youtube downloaded audios, into perfectly written texts (in French). Too bad there are no timestamps, but it did the job I needed it to do.
Dec 31, 2023
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Pros and Cons


Fast transcription
Accurate transcription
Supports multiple formats
Easy to use
Eliminates manual transcription
Regular updates
User notification system
Handles large files
Suitable for various industries
Web-based tool
Saves time


Limited to 25MB files
Supports limited audio formats
No mention of real-time transcription
No dedicated app
Not open-source
No API mentioned
Frequency of updates unclear
No language options stated
No multi-user support mentioned
No offline functionality


What is Transkribieren?
What are the main features of Transkribieren?
How fast can Transkribieren transcribe audio files?
What file formats does Transkribieren support?
What is the maximum file size Transkribieren can handle?
Is Transkribieren user-friendly?
How does Transkribieren use artificial intelligence?
How can Transkribieren improve the accuracy of transcriptions?
What audio-to-text technology does Transkribieren use?
Does Transkribieren provide regular updates?
What's new in Transkribieren version 0.2?
How can I sign up for Transkribieren?
Does Transkribieren have a newsletter or updates service?
What industries can benefit from using Transkribieren?
How does Transkribieren compare to manual transcription?
Are there any limitations to using Transkribieren?
What languages does Transkribieren support?
Is Transkribieren suitable for medical or legal transcription?
How does Transkribieren maintain the privacy and security of my files?
Can Transkribieren handle multiple speaking voices in an audio file?

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