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Translate and chat using AI technology.
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Translate & Chat with AI is an innovative application designed to break down language barriers and facilitate learning of languages through meaningful conversations.

The application utilizes advanced ChatGPT AI technology from OpenAI to simulate lifelike exchanges on virtually any topic of interest. Users have the possibility to explore discussions related to their hobbies, culture, science, and more, with responses that closely mimic a human conversational partner.

Translate & Chat can translate conversations into 50 different languages which include 14 non-Latin scripts like Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, and Greek, allowing users to engage in conversations globally.

Starting a conversation is made simple by choosing a subject of interest, with the AI providing enriching responses. The AI-powered lexicon feature in the application provides explanations for every word and phrase in the language you're learning, similar to having a personal language tutor.

Essentially, this application is more than a language learning tool, it encourages meaningful interactions across diverse cultures.


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Pros and Cons


Supports 50 different languages
Includes 14 non-Latin scripts
Simulates human conversational partner
Explanations for every word
Easy conversation start
Interactive language learning
Facilitates cultural exchanges
Intuitive, user-friendly interface
Available on iOS devices
Personal language tutor experience
Bridges language barriers
Enhances vocabulary understanding
Encourages meaningful interactions
Effortless language translation
Accessible global communication
Varied discussion topics
Real-time learning opportunity
Suits beginner to advanced users
Improves global fluency
Monthly auto-renew subscription
Privacy aware app


Only for iPhone
In-App Purchases Required
Limited free usage
Data linked to identity
Requires latest iOS
No support for all languages
Relies heavily on ChatGPT
No desktop version
Monthly subscription
Potential language inaccuracies


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What is the AI-powered lexicon feature in Translate & Chat with AI?
Can Translate & Chat with AI help me learn new languages?
Who developed Translate & Chat with AI?
Is Translate & Chat with AI available on the App Store?
Is Translate & Chat with AI free to use?
What languages does Translate & Chat with AI support?
Does Translate & Chat with AI have an auto-renew subscription?
What is the privacy policy of Translate & Chat with AI?
How can I start a conversation in Translate & Chat with AI?
Can Translate & Chat with AI facilitate cultural exchange?
Can Translate & Chat with AI translate Arabic, Chinese, Bulgarian, Greek, etc.?
What does it mean that the app facilitates 'meaningful interactions'?
Is Translate & Chat with AI suitable for any age group?

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