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Translate image into 130+ languages while keeping text format
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TranslateImage is an AI-driven tool designed to translate text from images into over 130 languages, including, but not limited to English, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Russian.

Leveraging advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, it can recognize text within images and call upon Google's translation API to convert the text.

A highlight of this tool is its ability to remove the original text in the image and seamlessly inpaint the image background, ensuring a smooth and realistic output.

Another remarkable feature is its capability to preserve the original text format during translation, through the use of a powerful editor that can adjust the image's text format while preserving the original layout.

Once the translation is complete, the text is written back into the image and can be downloaded in the original size and format. User reviews suggest the tool is beneficial in translating design architecture diagrams, advertisements, product images, and manuals into various languages, making it useful for a diverse array of sectors, from tech to marketing.


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Pros and Cons


Translates 130+ languages
Advanced OCR technology
Inpaints image background
Preserves original text format
Bootstrap text editing
Writes translation to image
Downloads in original format
Localization for multiple sectors
Accurate translation
Utilizes Google Translation API
Supports various image formats
Removes unwanted translations
Inferred text formatting
Editable translations
Supported by tech industry
Popular in marketing sector
Preserves original image size
Functionality to correct translations
Maintains original text position
Quality assurance features
Recognizes all text in image
Auto translates recognised text
Automatically adapts text formatting


Dependent on Google's API
OCR mistakes can occur
Possible loss of context
Inconsistent inpainting results
Limited format preservation
Requires manual fine-tuning
Brand names might be translated
Doesn't handle stylized fonts
May translate unnecessary elements
Limited language support (130)


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Is TranslateImage useful for translating design architecture diagrams?
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Can TranslateImage adjust the image's text format while preserving the original layout?
What is the accuracy level of TranslateImage translations?
Does TranslateImage use Google's translation API?
How many companies trust TranslateImage for their translation needs?
Can TranslateImage be beneficial for graphic design?
Is the text written back into the image after TranslateImage translates it?
Do TranslateImage users find the tool user-friendly?
Can TranslateImage localize content for different markets?
Does TranslateImage allow for manual fine-tuning of the translated text?
Is TranslateImage a fully AI-based translator or does it require human intervention?

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