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Creation and management of multilingual video content.
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Translate.Video ( is a tool designed to help users quickly and easily translate video content into multiple languages. The tool provides automated tools such as captions, transcripts, subtitles and dubbing, as well as the ability to record and upload a voiceover.

All of these features are accessible through a single app, allowing users to easily manage and customize their video content. Translate.Video also offers features such as editing styles and elements to further customize the video.

The tool is suitable for both influencers and enterprises, allowing them to quickly and easily reach a global audience.


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Jun 21, 2024
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Pros and Cons


Multilingual video content creation
Automated captions feature
Transcription capabilities
Subtitling feature
Video dubbing ability
Voiceover recording capability
Single app for all functions
Video editing options
Customizable styles and elements
Suitable for influencers and enterprises
Generates captions
Translate subtitles
User voice recording option
Various output formats (SRT, VTT, MP4)
1-click seamless voice-over stitching
Accelerates video translation and subtitling
Multiple language support
All features in one app


No desktop version
No multilingual interface
No API functionality
No offline capabilities
No plug-in for video platforms
Lacks advanced editing features
Limited voiceover file formats
Allows only one user
No collaborative features
Not open-source


What is Translate.Video?
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Can Translate.Video be used for dubbing?
Can I record and upload a voiceover with Translate.Video?
What editing tools does Translate.Video offer?
Is Translate.Video suitable for influencers?
Is Translate.Video suitable for enterprises?
What does it mean to translate videos with just one click?
Can Translate.Video generate captions for videos?
What formats can Translate.Video support?
Is it possible to try Translate.Video for free before purchasing?
What is the subscription price for Translate.Video?
How can Translate.Video help me reach a global audience?
How can Translate.Video speed up the process of translating videos?
Can I use Translate.Video to create transcripts of my videos?
Is there a community of creators using Translate.Video?
How do I contact the support team for Translate.Video?

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