Youtube video Q&A 2024-06-17
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Transvribe is a tool that utilizes AI embeddings to search and analyze video content, primarily on the popular video-sharing platform, YouTube. Developed by Zahid, its aim is to enhance productivity when learning from videos on the platform by allowing users to ask specific questions.

Broadly, the tool works by pasting a YouTube URL into the designated field and letting the AI-driven process conduct the searching and answering. Additionally, it also offers a collection of popular videos that users can try with the tool, spanning a variety of topics including technology, self-help, sports discussions, home repair tutorials and lectures on team management and execution.

Transvribe's functionality extends its educational purpose beyond just personal use to being a valuable tool in professional settings for quick access to specific information in video content.

For developers and tech-enthusiasts, Transvribe is open-source and available on GitHub.


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May 22, 2024
This tool was absolutely terrible. I asked questions about a video ( which is about happenings in Russia and it would only talk about the youtuber's fluffy "thanks for the subscribers" and other horseshit. I tried repeatedly to attempt to get it to tell me any details ABOUT THE ACTUAL SUBJECT MATTER and it just gave me dumber and dumber answers.
Oct 4, 2023
an option to play video while asking questions for both desktop and mobile would be huge
Oct 4, 2023
very good. not perfect but im bookmarking this now

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Pros and Cons


Video content search
Personal and professional use
Allows asking specific questions
Provides relevant results
Easy to use interface
Broad topic coverage
GitHub available
Variety of video recommendation
Improves video-based learning
Can handle any video source
Works with YouTube URLs
Able to search discussions
Suitable for tech-enthusiasts
Handles home repair tutorials
Accommodates sports video analysis
Simplifies information retrieval
Helpful for team management lectures
Enhanced productivity tool
Direct search via URL pasting
Effective learning assistance tool


Limited to YouTube videos
Requires specific URL input
No transcript generation
No language translation
Doesn't support live video analysis
Not available on mobile devices
Dependency on internet connection
No option for offline search
No user customization settings


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Who is Zahid, the developer of Transvribe?
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