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Traverse AI™ is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool developed by Traverse Legal, a law firm specializing in technology, internet law, intellectual property, and business matters.

The tool aims to assist clients in navigating complex legal issues related to AI and machine learning.Traverse AI™ offers expertise in various industries, including technology, internet law, business law, intellectual property, and autonomous tech.

It caters to a diverse range of clients, such as AI and machine learning companies, software and SaaS companies, social media influencers, and venture capital investors.The tool covers several practice areas, providing comprehensive legal services.

These include complex and class action litigation, patent law, trademark law, copyright law, cybersquatting law, trade secret law, non-compete law, commercial real estate, and specialized services for specific platforms and industries like Uber, Airbnb, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and blockchain technology.Traverse AI™ is backed by a team of skilled attorneys, including Enrico Schaefer, Mark G.

Clark, Brian A. Hall, Stephen Aarons, Adrianos M. Facchetti, and David E. Cruz, who bring their expertise in emerging technologies and legal matters to assist clients.By leveraging AI capabilities, Traverse AI™ enhances legal operations and provides valuable insights to clients seeking legal advice and guidance in the ever-evolving landscape of AI and related industries.Note: The description is based on the limited information provided and may not be exhaustive.

It is recommended to visit the official website for more detailed information.


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Jul 20, 2023
It is interesting, AI can provide you great answers as long as you know the right questions. Experts and professionals such as attorneys are the ones who understand the right questions to ask. This app comes with preloaded nuanced questions on specific legal issues and guides the business user towards client intelligence on that issue. Brilliant.

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TraverseAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Diverse expertise in law
Involves skilled attorneys
Industry-specific legal services
Catere to plugins platforms
Serves diverse client range
Comprehensive legal service
Provides legal insights
Covers emerging technology law
Assists complex and class actions
Trademark law covered
Covers patent law
Services in copyright law
Specialises in cybersquatting law
Trade secret law services
Non-compete law expertise
Provides commercial real estate services
Covers law for specific platforms
Blockchain technology legal services
Cryptocurrencies law services
Offers services for NFTs
Guidance for different industries
Offers autonomous tech services
Covers internet law
Advices on complex legal issues
Data not stored or used
Streamline legal research
Enhances lawyer conversations
Improvement of client outcomes
Copyright intelligence offered soon
SaaS intelligence
Crypto, NFT & blockchain intelligence
Security and privacy prioritized
Not a substitute for professional advice
Chatbot intelligence
Offers expert articles on issues
Offices in multiple locations
Handled complex litigation cases


Not a substitute for professional advice
Data privacy concerns
Specific legal tool focus
Limited legal issue intelligence
Reliant on users' legal knowledge
No real-time attorney consultation
Limited copyright intelligence
Emerging tech intelligence in development
Dependent on Large Language Model API


What is Traverse AI™?
How does Traverse AI™ work?
Is Traverse AI™ a replacement for a lawyer?
What kind of legal advice can Traverse AI™ provide?
Who can use Traverse AI™?
In which industries can Traverse AI™ be applied?
How is Traverse AI™ different from traditional legal research methods?
Which attorneys are involved in the development of Traverse AI™?
Does Traverse AI™ handle specific legal practice areas?
Does Traverse AI™ cater to complex and class action litigation?
Can Traverse AI™ provide advice on intellectual property laws?
Does Traverse AI™ offer services in the area of newer technologies such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs?
How does Traverse AI™ ensure data privacy and security?
Is the legal information provided by Traverse AI™ reliable?
Can Traverse AI™ assist with legal matters of software and SaaS companies?
Can Traverse AI™ be used for legal guidance in real estate matters?
Does Traverse AI™ offer trademark intelligence?
Is Traverse AI™ useful for venture capital investors?
Can Traverse AI™ help social media influencers with legal guidance?
Does Traverse AI™ also function as a legal chatbot for clients?

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