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Mind map w/ templates, collab & search.
Generated by ChatGPT

TreeMind is an online mind mapping tool that offers various templates to create structured mind maps, diagrams, fishbone charts, organizational charts, timelines, and more.

The tool boasts a massive library of more than one million templates across different fields like education, IT, finance, healthcare, real estate, and entertainment, which allows users to easily create high-quality mind maps and boost their productivity.

This next-generation "AI" mind mapping tool has an AI-generated mind map feature, which generates high-quality mind maps based on the user's needs, ranging from study notes to business analyses.

Users can also use the search bar in the extensive knowledge map search database to find resources for their mind maps with ease. TreeMind offers a variety of material types in its vast design resource library, including icons, illustrations, backgrounds, photos, 3D elements, GIFs, audios, and videos, among others, making the mind maps more visually appealing.

Furthermore, TreeMind is a cross-platform tool that supports real-time content synchronization across multiple devices like desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Users can also have their teams collaborate on mind maps simultaneously, further boosting team productivity. Additionally, the tool allows users to present their mind maps directly without using presentation software like PPT, making the process more efficient.

Finally, customers can download the TreeMind app or use the online version for free, with an option to upgrade to a paid version with more advanced features.


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Dec 3, 2023
Great very convenient

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Pros and Cons


Mind map templates
Collaboration functionality
Searchable knowledge database
Library with 1M+ templates
Covers various fields
Extensive design resource library
Supports real-time content synchronization
Cross-platform support (desktop, mobile, tablet)
Allows team mind map collaboration
Direct mind map presentations
Free and paid versions
Rich material types (audio, video, GIFs, etc.)
Multiple file management for teams
Covers diverse industries
Supports local file save
Works without internet connection
Not restricted by browser version
External apps integration
Seamlessly serves diverse user needs


No API available
Heavy reliance on templates
Overcrowded interface
Limited customization options
No in-built brainstorming features
Lacks offline mode functionality
Only supports team collaboration
Limited advanced features in free version
iOS version unavailable


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