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Automatically draft email replies, straight from Gmail.
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Trimbox AI Assistant is a tool designed to automate email drafting directly from Gmail. It assists users in regaining control of their inbox by minimizing time spent on constructing email replies.

Rather than having to compose emails from scratch, users type a few words and the tool transforms these initial ideas into more comprehensive, professional text, while maintaining the user's voice.

This functionality resides directly within the Gmail interface for seamless integration into users' existing workflows. The drafted emails can further be edited by the users before sending.

The tool also includes features for convenience and efficiency in managing the inbox. Users can unsubscribe from email lists with a single click without having to open the email, reducing unwanted clutter in their inbox.

Trimbox AI Assistant furthermore offers a feature to delete all past emails from a particular sender which can be beneficial when running low on storage space.

The overall utility of Trimbox AI Assistant composes in saving time, increasing email productivity, and maintaining a cleaner and more manageable inbox for its users.


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Trimbox AI Assistant was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 19th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automates email drafting
Seamless Gmail integration
Maintains user's voice
Allow edits before sending
Single-click unsubscribe feature
Bulk email deletion function
Storage space management
Helps control inbox clutter
Saves considerable time
Improves email productivity
Efficient text generation
Increases email professionalism
Helps achieve cleaner inbox
Intuitive to use
Internally resides in Gmail
Supports productivity improvement
Enhances effective communication
Reduces unwanted inbox mails
Live within Gmail window
Extremely time-saving in usage
Private and secure connection
Help in mass unsubscribing
Mass delete old emails
Trusted by top organizations
High user-rating
Loved by 215,687 people
Used on 226,384,924 emails
Improves email focusing
Incredibly cathartic for users
Excellent for inbox OCD
Very useful Gmail extension
Cleaning inbox made easy
Assist in stopping junk emails


Only works with Gmail
Not suitable for short emails
Dependent on user's typing
May not maintain voice accurately
One-click unsubscribe may misfire
Mass delete can delete important emails
Potential privacy concerns
Limited to email drafting
Cannot handle complex emails
No support for multiple languages


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What platforms is Trimbox AI Assistant compatible with?
Is there a cost involved in using Trimbox AI Assistant?
How does the email drafting process of Trimbox AI Assistant work?
What do current users think of Trimbox AI Assistant?
Can Trimbox AI Assistant help automate my email replies?
How can Trimbox AI Assistant reduce clutter in my inbox?
How professional are the emails drafted by Trimbox AI Assistant?
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What companies trust and use Trimbox AI Assistant?


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