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Trinka AI is an online grammar checker and language correction AI tool designed for academic and technical writing. It is designed to detect errors that other grammar checker tools miss, such as subject-verb disagreements, syntax, word choice, pronoun and article usage, as well as technical spellings.

It also has features that go beyond grammar and spelling, such as style guides, formal tone, technical word choice, and conciseness. Trinka has learned from the best-written papers in every subject to give users the best suggestions.

It is suitable for a range of fields such as medicine, biology, physics, social sciences, engineering, chemistry, geology, computer science, and economics.


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May 22, 2024
Good tool for academic writing.

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Pros and Cons


Detects technical writing errors
Subject-verb disagreements check
Syntax checker
Word choice assistant
Pronoun and article usage checker
Technical spellings detector
Style guides feature
Formal tone optimizer
Technical word choice guide
Conciseness helper
Academic field adaptable
Browser plug-in available
Word add-in available
Plagiarism check tool
Auto file edit feature
Publication readiness checks
Citation checker
Journal finder tool
Consistency check tool
Personal dictionary feature
Grammar correction in different languages
Vocabulary enhancement
Complex grammar errors detector
Supports wide range of subjects
Learning from best-written papers
Enhances non-grammatical writing aspects
Document settings for academia
Downloadable whitepaper
Team and enterprise suitable
Contextual spelling mistake corrector
Customization options for enterprise solutions
User-friendly interface
Real-time writing suggestions provider
Phrases and sentences corrector
Advanced writing tips provider
Multiple users support
Installation support for multiple browsers and operating systems
Post-installation updates via email
Adaptable to AMA style guide
Grammar correction for medical writing
Offers free service for individuals
Supported globally
Contextual and native language error corrections
Enterprise integration feature
Grammar Checker API available
Offers comparison with other tools
Proofreading tools available
Punctuation checker
Spell checker
Sentence checker
Essay checker
Thesis checker


No app for mobile devices
Lack of offline mode
Unspecified learning resource origin
MS Word for Mac OS unavailability
Safari Browser tool unavailability
Potential language limitations
Doesn't support all citation styles
Lacks real-time collaborative features
Indistinct about dataset privacy
No specified tool for dyslexic users


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